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Most Popular Fude Makeup Brushes of 2021 (By type)

Most Popular Fude Makeup Brushes of 2021 (By type)

We've done the numbers, and the results are in! Read on for our best-selling brushes of 2021 by type: Power, Liquid foundation, Cheek, Eye, Lip, and Sets. 

For more of 2021's best-selling brushes:


Powder Brushes

"This enhances my make-up experience – an absolutely treat! It is very soft, delicate. Power of silver fox! I look forward to applying my make up since I've this. For many years I struggle to find a brush that I love. I hesitated a bit by its price but it is so worth it. It can keep my make up for a whole day – that I don't need to re-apply powder in the afternoon again. Also the shipment to UK was smooth."

(Chikuhodo FO-1, Irene F., UK)

1. Chikuhodo FO-1 Powder Brush FO-1
2. Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush, Z Series
3. Chikuhodo Z-9 Powder Brush, Z Series
4. Koyudo Powder Brush PBT 0-10 (Sample sale)
5. Koyudo Powder Brush Premium Collection P-01
6. Kyureido Kiwami Powder Brush (KK-001)
7. Koyudo Kakishibuzome Powder Brush 02 (Round)
8. White Canadian Squirrel Powder Brush, Sakura Makie Design
9. Koyudo Powder Brush Y-1, Yoshiki Series
10. Chikuhodo GSN-2 Powder Brush, GSN Series


Liquid Foundation Brushes

"BEST EVER. Only Foundation Brush I use! So good, I keep backups to ensure one clean brush at all times."

(Mizuho CMP510, Catherine, USA)

1. Koyudo F-03 (ex. fu-pa02) Foundation Brush, fu-pa Series
2. Chikuhodo T-11 Liquid Brush, Takumi Series
3. Mizuho CMP510 Foundation brush, CMP Series
4. Chikuhodo GSN-5 Liquid Foundation Brush, GSN Series
5. Bisyodo B-FD-01 Foundation Brush (Long Series)
6. Chikuhodo T-3 Foundation Brush, Takumi Series
7. Chikuhodo G-10 Liquid Brush (LQ-10), G Series
8. Houkodou Foundation Brush Round BZ-1
9. Nakamura Seisakusho Kei Series 04 Liquid Foundation Brush
10. Chikuhodo GSN-6 Liquid Foundation Brush, GSN Series

Cheek Brushes

"Oooh this is so plush! It came tiny but blooms well after washing. It’s sooo soft and fluffy! I use it solely for bronzing but surely can be multifunctional. FO-4 seems better suited for blush, imo. I love this series! Thanks fudebeauty for delivering to AU!"

(Chikuhodo FO-3, gagafude, Australia)

The Chikuhodo Kazan-04, 03, and 02 were the top 3 selling cheek brushes, but as they are no longer available and the restock possibility is unknown, we've omitted these from the Top 10 list.

1. Chikuhodo FO-3 Cheek Brush
2. Kyureido Kiwami Cheek Brush (KK-002)
3. Chikuhodo FO-4 Cheek/ Highlight Brush
4. Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush 
5. Chikuhodo Z-4 Cheek Brush
6. Koyudo P-02 Powder and Cheek Brush, Premium Collection
8. Chikuhodo T-4 Cheek Brush, Takumi Series
9. Chikuhodo Regular Series Cheek Brush (R-C2 Black, RR-C2 Red)
10. Koyudo Kakishibuzome Cheek Brush 03


Eyes Brushes


"Impressively soft and well shaped  - pony gives it a little firmness and spring, and squirrel helps it blend. Loving this with the Mizuho CMP52 for lid coverage, then using this for crease application and blending."

(Mizuho CMP527, Sadie, New Zealand)

The Chikuhodo Kazan-08, 07, and 06 were in the top 5 selling eye brushes, but as they are no longer available and the restock possibility is unknown, we've omitted these from the Top 10 list.

1. Chikuhodo FO-5 Eyeshadow Brush
2. Chikuhodo FO-6 Eyeshadow Brush
3. Chikuhodo FO-7 Eyeshadow Brush 
4. Chikuhodo Z-5 Eyeshadow Brush, Z Series
5. Chikuhodo T-6 Large Eyeshadow Brush, Takumi Series
6. Chikuhodo Z-10 Eyeshadow Brush, Z Series
7. Chikuhodo F-08 Eyeshadow Brush   
8. Mizuho CMP527 Eyeshadow Brush, CMP Series 
9. Chikuhodo T-7 Eyeshadow Brush
10. Chikuhodo T-12 Eyeshadow Brush
10. Koyudo Y-6 Eyebrow Brush, Yoshiki Superior Series


Lip Brushes

"Love the shape of this brush. I’m baffled how it keeps the structure but remains so soft. Such a unique and useful brush."

(Koyudo Yoshiki Y-7, Carrie H. UK)

1. Koyudo Lip and Eyeliner Brush Y-5, Yoshiki Series
2. Chikuhodo MK-15 Portable Lip Brush, Maki-e Series
3. Chikuhodo Z-7 Lip Brush, Z Series
4. Chikuhodo T-10 Lip Brush, Takumi Series
5. Koyudo Somell Garden Pistachio Eyeliner, Lip & Concealer Brush, Kinomi Series
6. Kyureido Kiwami Portable Lip Brush (KK-010)
7. Chikuhodo GSN-16 Lip Brush, GSN Series
8. Houkodou Sliding Lip Brush (Tapered) L-3
9. Kyureido Miyabi Portable Flat Lip Brush (KM-015)
10. Kyureido Takumi Lip Brush (KT-006)



"These are beautiful brushes. The handles are well made and balanced, and the bristles are the softest I've ever felt! A joy to use."

(Koyudo Kakishibuzome Set, Anastasia H., Canada) 

1. Chikuhodo S-FO Silver Fox Makeup Brush Set
2. Koyudo Kakishibuzome Makeup Brush Set
3. Chikuhodo Z Series 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set S-Z-10
4. Koyudo Raden Shell 4-Brush Set with Kimono Case, Cherry Blossom Design
5. Koyudo Premium Collection Set, 5 x Brushes with Pouch
6. Chikuhodo 2022 Collection, Kirameki Blue 5-Piece Set
7. Koyudo Mizume-zakura 3-Piece Brush Set
8. Koyudo Brush & Tatami Fabric Pouch Set
9. Koyudo Yoshiki Series 5 pieces Set with Pouch
10. Chikuhodo BR-8 Makie portable brushes 3-piece Gift set 



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