Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush, Z Series


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Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush, Z Series-Fude Beauty
Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush, Z Series-Fude Beauty

As one of the largest brushes in the Chikuhodo line, this unique cheek brush enables you to effortlessly apply color across your cheeks for a flattering, delicate glow.  

Z Series
Chikuhodo's Z Series brushes are handmade with the extreme skill and precision of master brushmaker, Tesshyu Takemori, a native of the Kumano brush-making region of Hiroshima Prefecture. The Z Series brushes are the product of dedication and passion for creating the highest quality brushes for effortlessly flawless makeup application. Create the perfect makeup look every time with the softest, fluffiest, and highest grade of Kumano brushes.


Hair: Grey Squirrel
Bristle shape: Round
Bristle length: 40mm
Ferrule base: 20mm
Bristle width (approx.): 35mm
Brush length: 160mm

Please note, due to the handmade nature of these brushes, dimensions may vary slightly.

Read our Guide to Bristle Shapes
Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush, Z Series-Fude Beauty
Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush, Z Series-Fude Beauty
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Netherlands Netherlands
Versatile powder/cheek brush!

Z8 can pick up the least pigmented powder blush on the market! And releases everything to your skin. I often need to blow away some excess product from the tip of the bristles first, and then start sweeping on my cheeks. And please start light handed when you go in with any blush for the first time. I also love using it to apply setting powders on smaller areas, such as temples, nose, chin. And you can totally use it for contour (big areas) and bronzer. I enjoyed this brush a lot!

Tawny K.
United States United States
Perfect powder brush

Squirrel hair is very soft. I use this brush for buffing in finishing powder after applying all of my other products. I think it is also a good size for bronzer.

Spain Spain
GET this Brush!!!!

I purchase the Z-4 and the Z-8 brush. I love both of them. The Z-4 is just smaller than the Z-It blends cheek products like a dream. I have a great deal of highly pigmented blushes that require a brush exactly like this one to blend them out. You can also use this for highlighting or bronzer. I find it puts JUST the right amount of product on the skin so that you don't have to keep going over it or take any off. I am so impressed with the quality, feel and weight of this brush as well.

Laura L.
United States United States
Lovely brush

My experience using this brush is a delight- I wish I had known about or invested in this before buying so many other brushes. Some of them still serve a purpose but I have to say, this softer squirrel hair is for me, definitely. I like a lighter application of powder products to look more airbrushed and this is the type of natural hair brush to do it. I do wish the handle would have felt a bit more ‘solid’ if that makes sense.

Fude Beauty Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush, Z Series Review
United States United States
Very plush!!

Omg! This is the holy grail of the z series and I LOVE it. I purchased most of the z series and the entire fo series. This one is my favorite. Unfortunately when I got my order this one was left out. When I contacted Fude Beauty they shipped it out right away. A+ customer service. Now I'm dying for the p8 !