Brush Pairings for Your Favorite Makeup

We ask Fude brushes users which makeup products they love using their Japanese makeup brushes with – here's the list recommendations for different brands.



Chikuhodo Z-4 Cheek Brush
"Becca Rose quartz highlighter, Chikuhodo Z4. This combination is the best for making your skin look glowy and fresh because the Z4 never applies product heavily." (Liane Vuong, Canada)


Koyomo Pearl Pink Nadeshiko Eyeshadow Brush
"Clio Pro Eye Palette in Simply Pink + Koyomo Pearl Pink Nadeshiko Eyeshadow Brush. I love pairing these two together. The palette has an array of matte and shimmery pink tones. I can use this brush to both shade with the matte colors but also dampen slightly to pinpoint my iridescent, shimmer highlights for impact or even to smudge a bit of pink glimmer on under eyes or as inner corner highlight with the tip. Perfect!" (Annie K Schulkers, USA)

Chikuhodo FO-5 Eyeshadow Brush
"Clio Pro Eye Palette Shade Simply Pink Chikuhodo FO-5 Eyeshadow Brush This brush would work well with the Clio eyeshadow palette because it gives a whole wash of colour with little effort". (Asia Ailao @asiaailao, New Zealand)


Koyomo Hana Sakura Eyeshadow Brush
"Hindash Monochromance palette, Koyomo Hana Sakura eyeshadow brush. The powders in this palette are so fine that I need a very high quality brush to use them. With this brush I can add color (especially pink) to my eyes and cheeks in a way that it looks like it is blooming from my skin." (@Behsharam_z, USA)


Koyudo Cheek Brush M-2 Makiko Series
Paul & Joe Gel Blush 033 with the Koyudo Cheek Brush Makiko Series M-2: Paul & Joe's gel blush is very pigmented, so I need a brush with very soft bristles. This Makiko brush picks up the right amount of pigment without looking streaky. It's easy to blend out the edges, too.


Chikuhodo FO-5 + I Don't Know Cream Eyeshadow
"The brush blends the cream eyeshadow beautifully and the hair is so soft." (@oddaud12, USA)

Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush + Sydney Grace Blushes 
"I love Sydney Grace blushes but they are very pigmented - the Chikuhodo Z8 works great because it’s impossible to go overboard, plus it’s soooo soft for my sensitive skin!" (SM, USA)


Chikuhodo PF-4 Puff Brush
"Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat + Chikuhodo PF-4 Puff Brush. They work well together because the dense bristles will make it easier to clean with the sigma cleaning mat. Will make cleaning your brushes enjoyable without damaging them." (Asia Ailao @asiaailao, New Zealand)


Koyudo Heart-Shaped Cheek Brush
"Sulwhasoo Radiance Blusher in No. 1 Pink Harmony + Koyudo Heart-Shaped Cheek Brush. These are my favorite pink products that work well together! The Sulwhasoo blush is not only gorgeous to look at but it's a stunning combination of a few shades of pink with a highlighter. The embossing is so so pretty and the pearlized compact....just to die for! This pairs perfectly with the heart-shaped brush both aesthetically and the brush is the perfect size to fit inside this compact. I can place the blush on one side of the heart-shape and the highlighter on the other. Just perfect!" (Lisa Goldenberg, USA)

Chikuhodo Makie M-15 Lip Brush
"Sulwhasoo's Lip Serum #3 Flower Pink with Chikuhodo Makie travel lip brush -- These two products were made for each other. The Sulwhasoo Lip Serum is bright and feminine, and applying it with the Chikuhodo Makie travel lip brush gives a crisp line around the lips." (T. Teel @probeautywriter USA)

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