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Best Brushes for Armani Makeup

We ask Fude brushes users which makeup products they love using their Japanese makeup brushes with – here's the list recommendations for Armani products.

(Images courtesy of the official website)


Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Chikuhodo T-3 Takumi Brush
"Works so well for my wedding makeup. The brush blends the liquid flawlessly into my skin for a natural look." (Tiffany, USA)

Chikuhodo Makie Series Brushes
"Any of the Makie brushes will apply this formula in a soft and ethereal manner for a lovely glowy finish." (@makeupbrushjournal, Singapore)


Cheek Fabric Sheer Blush

Chikuhodo T-4 Takumi Cheek Brush
"The Giorgio Armani cheek fabric sheer blush 306 Attitude works well together with the Chikuhodo T-4, since it's dense, picks up the pigment easily and blends it very well." (PMD, Spain)

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