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Best Brushes for SUQQU Makeup

We ask Fude brushes users which makeup products they love using their Japanese makeup brushes with – here's the list recommendations for SUQQU products.

(Images courtesy of the official website)



Chikuhodo Z-4 Cheek Brush
"The Suqqu blush is so heavily pigmented and it lays so much colour in one swipe. Whenever I use the z4 blush brush using a patting motion, the application looks so airbrushed!" (Theresa To, @thelifeof_trto, United Kingdom)

Koyomo Pearl Pink Nadeshiko Cheek Brush
"They work well because the suqqu blush is so pigmented and the Pink Nadeshiko blends it effortlessly and gives me a natural flushed look. Tip: a gentle tap on the blush pan is all you need! Tap any excess at the back of your hand before applying on cheeks." (Toni Verano @toniverano, Philippines)

Chikuhodo FO-2 Foundation Brush
"Although classed as a foundation brush the FO-2 works beautifully with blusher. It swirls, pounces and buffs product into the skin, giving a seamless application. The brush is of medium density and incredibly soft." (Sarah, UK)

Chikuhodo Makie Series MK-12 Cheek Brush
"Effortlessly picks up the colour and creates a natural blushed cheek look while also being super easy to travel with." (@caliopecouture, Germany)



Chikuhodo FO-5 Eyeshadow Brush
"The brush is soft but it gives me a good color payoff. I just need one swipe and will get beautiful one and done eyeshadow look. I like kinda like watercolor eyeshadow everyday look and suqqu eyeshadow is perfect for the reason." (Anon.)



Chikuhodo FO-5 Eyeshadow Brush
"Best one and done eyeshadow and eyeshadow brush combination to date!! The FO5 can sheer out the eyeshadow around the edges making it great for gradients while packing on colour using the flat side." (Theresa To, @thelifeof_trto, United Kingdom)

"This brush is soft and potent, and be used to blend and pack eyeshadow." (Chloé Daffos, France)



Koyomo Pearl Pink Nadeshiko Eyeshadow Brush
"The colors in the quad are quite pigmented. I love using this brush to pick up the muted pink color and apply it on my lids as a one and done look. Tip: the brush easily grabs product so no need to apply to much pressure. You can use the flat side to lay down the product on the lid and turn it on its side to buff the edges of the shadow." (Toni Verano @toniverano, Philippines)

Houkodou G-S2 Eyeshadow Brush
"I love this brush for one and done eyeshadow looks. Made of ultra soft Canadian Squirrel hair, it feels luxurious against the skin. It has good density and is the perfect size for the eyelid. It picks up the perfect amount of eyeshadow and can be used to lay down product but also when the side of the brush is used it buffs well into the crease." (Sarah, UK)



Chikuhodo GSN-2 Foundation Brush
"So smooth and easy to apply." (M.H, Germany)

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