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Best Brushes for Koh Gen Do Makeup

We ask Fude brushes users which makeup products they love using their Japanese makeup brushes with – here's the list recommendations for Koh Gen Do products.

(Images courtesy of the official website)

Koh Gen Do


Chikuhodo FO-2 Foundation Brush, FO Series
"My favorite pair is the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation with the Chikuhodo FO-2 Silver Fox foundation brush. The FO-2 is very soft and applies the KGD foundation without streaking and is wonderful for target application." (@beautybehindhair, Australia)

Koyudo Fupa-02 Brush (Original)
"One of holy grail foundations is the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation and for this I definitely use my Koyudo Fupa-02 from revival campaign. The foundation is lightweight and natural looking and it pairs perfectly with my Fupa 02 because it applies flawlessly, it doesn’t soak up or waste the pricey foundation, and the short handle of the brush helps to have more control when buffing my foundation." (NM, USA)

Koh Gen Do


Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush, Z Series
"Can buff face without moving products underneath." (Anne C, USA)

"Brush is so soft and swirls powder naturally." (Anon, USA)

Koh Gen Do


Koyudo Fupa-02 Brush (Original)
“Applies my foundation smoothly and evenly without any streaks.” (@another_mk, USA)

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