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Best Brushes for Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

We ask Fude brushes users which makeup products they love using their Japanese makeup brushes with – here's the list recommendations for Charlotte Tilbury products.

(Images courtesy of the official website)

Charlotte Tilbury


Chikuhodo MK-UM Powder Brush
"It's a gorgeous blush, but such an easy one to overdo! MK-UM to the rescue. This brush/blush combo creates a warm sheen instead of lobster cheeks. The MK-UM is one of my top favorite brushes. I use it for so many things, but it really proves its worth with highly-pigmented blushes and bronzers." (Marisa USA)

Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush "Extremely soft and long haired, this brush allows the most diffused, natural and soft application for blushes and bronzers." (Lisa, France @skinimaliste, France)

Chikuhodo FO-4 Cheek Brush, FO Series
"I love the angle, it makes for easier application." (CK, USA)

Charlotte Tilbury


Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush, Z Series
"I like to apply powder to the T zone and other oily areas and the shape of this brush helps me with precise application." (@thebeautysteal, USA)

Eihodo Kingyo Goldfish Powder Brush
"Brush is so soft to use and puts just the right amount of powder on without being heavy." (KB, USA)

Chikuhodo FO-9 Brush, FO Series
"This brush makes everything smooth!" (Mindy K. @another_mk, USA)

Koyudo Fu-pa14 Powder Brush
"I don’t wear powder foundation but one time I only wore the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish powder in Medium and applied it with the Koyudo Fu-pa14, I got so many good compliments. The density of the fupa helped filter my skin out. It probably helped that I pounced the brush on my skin with the powder." (Andrea C, Philippines)

Charlotte Tilbury


Chikuhodo FO-10 Fingertip Eyeshadow Brush, FO Series
"The fingertip shape works really well to pick up the glitter." (CK, USA)

Charlotte Tilbury


Chikuhodo Z-2 Highlight Brush, Z Series
"The candle shape is perfect for precise highlighter application. The squirrel bristles pick up and deposit an adequate amount of glow, not too much, not too little." (YS, Puerto Rico)

Charlotte Tilbury


Chikuhodo Z Series Eye Brushes
"Buildable instead of putting on too much product. The z series are soft brushes perfect for the thin, sensitive skin of the eyelids." (Cynchaselv, USA)

Charlotte Tilbury


Chikuhodo Z-7 Lip Brush, Z Series
"The Z-7 lip brush makes for accurate application." (Cynchaselv, USA)

Charlotte Tilbury


Chikuhodo ZE-3 Cheek Brush, ZEN Series
"The spring in the bristles and the shape allow for placement with a sweeping motion and buffing at the edges - can lend a very precise or very diffused bronzing depending on the movement." (A. Lenoir, Israel)

Charlotte Tilbury


Koyomo Pearl Pink Nadeshiko Flat Eyeshadow Brush
"The Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Pillow Talk is one of my favorite one and done cream eyeshadows. I love using my Koyomo Pearl Pink Nadeshiko Flat Eyeshadow Brush with it. I use the flat side of the brush to lay down and spread the color over my lid and then turn the brush on it’s side to blend the color out in the crease. The brush is even tapered enough at the tips and soft enough that I can use it apply some color on my bottom lash line." (@blooming.late, USA)

Koyudo Y-7 Eyeshadow Brush, Yoshiki Superior Series
"I love any Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to mesmerize with the Koyudo Y-7. It's ideal for laying down the product quickly, getting into smaller areas, and blurring out the edges. A one-and-done." (Sofia, Mexico)

Tanseido KQ12S Eyeshadow Brush
"The kolinsky bristles are great for cream eyeshadows, they apply evenly and smoothly. It is very soft. I just dip the brush into the cream, use the flat side to apply the eyeshadow all over." (Sylvie, Canada)

Charlotte Tilbury


Chikuhodo R-C2 Cheek Brush, Regular Series
The rose gold shade gives a perfectly luminous but soft shimmer, and use this brush for targeted or blended shine. Layer it under blush for a 'lit from within' finish. (@leitnights, Canada)

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