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Best Brushes for Bobbi Brown Makeup

We ask Fude brushes users which makeup products they love using their Japanese makeup brushes with – here's the list recommendations for Bobbi Brown products.

(Images courtesy of the official website)

bobbi brown

Pale Pink Blush

Chikuhodo PS-2 Cheek Brush, Passion Series
"Love the girly flush this delicate pink blush gives! Great shade for fair skinned folk. This brush has the right density to pick up this subtle blush shade and make an impact. I like to take whatever is leftover on the brush and run it in the crease of my eyelids and across my nose for a gamine, in from the cold look." (Annie K Schulkers, USA)

bobbi brown

Bronzing Powder

Chikuhodo FO-4 Cheek Brush, FO Series
"My favorite bronzer brush ever is Chikuhodo FO-04 works well with any kind of bronzer. This year I have used a lot an old favorite, Bobbi Brown Golden light bronzer."

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