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Best Brushes for Pat McGrath Makeup

We ask Fude brushes users which makeup products they love using their Japanese makeup brushes with – here's the list recommendations for Pat McGrath products.

(Images courtesy of the official website)

Pat McGrath


Chikuhodo GSN-9 Eyeshadow Brush & Chikuhodo T-7 Takumi Medium Eyeshadow Brush
"Pat McGrath Divine Rose I and II. My two favorite brushes are the GSN 9 and T-7 from Chikuhodo. They are perfect to work with the different formulas in the palettes." (Anon.)

Chikuhodo FO Series Eyeshadow Brushes
"I use my Chikuhodu FO-6, FO-7 and FO-8 brushes. The Pat McGrath mattes are quite pigmented. The FO series brushes don't irritate my eyes while I'm blending and create such a gorgeous eye look." (Ashleigh Mutimer @ashmutimerAustralia)

"Pat McGrath Labs, Divine Rose II, VR Sextraterrestrial with chikuhodo FO-6. It is a multi chrome and this brush is perfect for laying down the shadow on top of others." (@iabarbosa_, United States)

"(Midnight Sun palette) This brush [FO-10] is simply perfect to pick up the more stiff and problematic gilee (special shades) it picks up the product like no other and helps with blending." (Maribel Figueroa @Divine_Any_Size, Puerto Rico)

"Pat McGrath Sublime palette and Chikuhodo FO-10 eyeshadow brush- makes any shade pop!" (Lea J @lea_makeup_loves, USA)

Koyomo Pink Pearl Nadeshiko Eyeshadow Brush
"Pat McGrath’s eyeshadow formula is one of the best (smooth & pigmented). She is known for her beautiful pink eyeshadows. Her eyeshadows work wonderfully with the Koyomo Pink Eyeshadow Brush. You can quickly create a simple or detailed, sparkly eye look in just minutes." (Clara F, United States)

Chikuhodo Z-11 Blending Brush
"These eyeshadows are so pigmented that a soft fluffy brush like the Z-11 is a necessity." (PT. @pluginkali, Spain)

"(Huetopian Dreams eyeshadow palette) The brush is super soft and perfect for blending out harsh lines into a diffused wash of color effortlessly." (@Kittyslater3, USA)

Bisyodo BS-ES-02 Large Eyeshadow Brush, Short Series
"Loved this brush for one and done! Picks up product extremely well….especially Pat McGrath shadows. I’ve noticed that my other synthetic brushes have a difficult time picking up her shadows and they just didn’t place the shadow evenly. This brush picks up just enough and will place the shadow evenly." (Maria DeLoach, USA)

Chikuhodo Z-5 Eyeshadow Brush, Z Series
"I resisted getting the Z line brushes due to cost. What a mistake! For my mature, sensitive skin, the hairs are just luxurious and perfect... I use it for the high pigmented eyeshadows, such as Natasha Denona or Pat McGrath, because I prefer a light touch that can be built upon." (Ruth M, USA)

Chikuhodo GSN-8 Eyeshadow Brush
"Really good spring back and resiliency so this is great for using on hard baked eyeshadow. This is awesome for applying glitter or shimmery eyeshadow without loosing the sparkles and picks up the base colour well especially the Pat McGrath shades... Being weasel hair, this brush can be used for liquid products like concealer and cream eyeshadow. (Grace, Australia)

Pat McGrath


Chikuhodo FO-4 Cheek/ Highlight Brush
"Perfect for picking up just the right amount of product and giving a natural glow." (YN, Australia)

Chikuhodo FO-3 Cheek Brush
"This brush helps pick up the perfect amount of product and place it beautifully on my skin." (Silvia Marie Gonzalez, United States)

Chikuhodo Z-4 Cheek Brush
"I love pairing the Pat McGrath Fleurtatious blush with the Chikuhodo Z-4 cheek/highlight brush. The squirrel hair picks up the powder blush really beautifully for a soft application." (Kim @beautybehindhair)

"These are pigmented blushes, so an incredible soft brush like the ones in the Z series makes application and blending an absolute breeze." (PT. @pluginkali, Spain)

Pat McGrath


Chikuhodo Z-2 Highlight Brush
"I really enjoy how the squirrel hairs pick up a perfect amount of mostly the glow and not alot of the base colour." (Kim @beautybehindhair)

Pat McGrath


Kyureido Kiwami Cheek Brush (KK-002)
"Applies a veil of product for effective but lightweight setting without caking." (@arch_noble_, USA)

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