Chikuhodo Z-11 Blending Brush, Z Series


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Chikuhodo Z-11 Blending Brush, Z Series-Fude Beauty
Chikuhodo Z-11 Blending Brush, Z Series-Fude Beauty
This brush has your back when it comes to blending out transitions for flawless graduation, picking up and depositing just the right amount of shadow, and setting eye primer and concealer so it doesn’t crease. Like the rest of the Z Series fam, it’s soft as silk, so your skin will love it.

Z series
Chikuhodo's Z Series brushes are handmade with the extreme skill and precision of master brushmaker, Tesshyu Takemori, a native of the Kumano brush-making region of Hiroshima Prefecture. The Z Series brushes are the product of dedication and passion for creating the highest quality brushes for effortlessly flawless makeup application.


Hair: Grey Squirrel
Bristle shape: Round-flat
Bristle length: 15mm
Bristle width (approx.): 35mm
Brush Length: 130mm

Please note, due to the handmade nature of these brushes, dimensions may vary slightly.

Read our Guide to Bristle Shapes
Chikuhodo Z-11 Blending Brush, Z Series-Fude Beauty
Chikuhodo Z-11 Blending Brush, Z Series-Fude Beauty
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Netherlands Netherlands
One of the best for blending on mature or sensitive skin

Z11's long tapered and soft bristles make blending like a dream. It gives a more 'air brushed' effect, a highly competent choice for daily use (as long as your don't require a very precise blending). I also use it to apply highlight in smaller areas, such as tip of the nose, above lip, chin, temple etc. It's soft touch won't move your skin around, and won't irritate your skin, thus I would highly recommend it for those who have mature or sensitive skin.

Tawny K.
United States United States
Perfect broad crease blending brush

Very soft broad blending brush. You will get a nice diffuse application of eyeshadow with this and it will not scratch your delicate eyelid skin.

Niamh C.
Ireland Ireland
Very soft

Very soft. Blends perfectly

Ziva G.
United States United States
At long last

It took me quite a few years to buy this brush. I own quite a lot of brushes from the Z line but I was putting of buying the Z-11 for fear of it being too big for my eyes. I finally added it to my collection and use it as a last step all over blending brush to get rid of any and all semiharsh lines that are left. :) I can’t believe it took me this long to own it.

Karen F.
Canada Canada
Beautiful brush, ultra soft

This brush is incredible for blending out the edges of a matte transition. It really is 5 star quality. What keeps it from a full 5 stars for me is it’s short handle. I need at least an extra 2cm to make it great.

Fude Beauty Chikuhodo Z-11 Blending Brush, Z Series Review