Fude Beauty is a small and dedicated team based between Kamakura, Tokyo, and Yamagata in Japan. We're passionate about Japanese makeup brushes, and over the years have developed close relationships with many artisans of the Kumano region in Japan. We take great pride and joy in bringing the handcrafted brushes to the world, supporting Japanese artisans, and providing people with the daily joy of a superbly crafted brush, and improved makeup application.  

We know brushes can be a big investment and are important in an everyday routine, which is why we’ve selected a range of exquisite, professional-quality makeup brushes from two of the world’s most respected producers: Chikuhodo, Koyudo, Mizuho, BisyodoNakamura SeisakushoTanseido, Kyureido, Houkodou and Eihodo

We've visited the workshops, observed the processes and skills, and heard the stories of the artisans we represent. 

A Message from our CEO

The town of Kumano in Hiroshima Prefecture, with a population of just over 20,000, is a major producer of makeup brushes – there are more than 100 brush workshops of various sizes in the area. I spent my elementary and junior high school years in Hiroshima Prefecture, and often went to Kumano to visit my relatives. At the time, the brush workshops mostly produced traditional calligraphy brushes, which were used in calligraphy classes in schools. However, with the decreasing population of children in Japan, and a decrease in the number of people practicing calligraphy, many workshops struggled.

When the Japanese women's soccer team won the World Cup in 2011, they were awarded the National Medal of Honor and given a Kumano makeup brush as a prize. It was also during this period that many workshops in Kumano Town began to see the light.

I established FUDEBEAUTY to share the history and skills of the Kumano artisans -- and all Japanese makeup brush artisans -- with more people around the world. We are dedicated to continually become more connected with the techniques of craftsmen and the needs of customers, and to keep growing this connection.

- Takuya Fujiyama (藤山 卓哉)