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Most Popular Fude Makeup Series of 2021

Most Popular Fude Makeup Series of 2021

Discovering a series that is right for you is a joyous experience, with brushes that feel like they understand your face shape and skin. This list of our most popular series from 2021 includes some classic series as well as ones that have recently grown in popularity. Whether you're looking to buy a full set, a gift, or expand on brushes you love, or find something new, these series can ensure your every makeup need is met.

For more of 2021's best-selling brushes:


Chikuhodo FO Series

The FO Series is one of customers' favorite Chikuhodo series, featuring natural silver fox bristles, elegant wooden handles and brushed olive ferrules. The series comprises 9 brushes and 1 set.

Chikuhodo Z Series

Chikuhodo Z Series is renowned for brushes with superior quality, lightweight feel and incredibly soft natural bristles. This series is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, prefer softer bristles, or simply seek a touch of luxury in their makeup application.

Chikuhodo Kazan Homare Series

The Chikuhodo Kazan Homare "Honor" Series is the newest release by the prestigious Japanese Kumano Fude makeup brush artisans. Kazan (brown) squirrel is known for its fine, silky hair. The handle is made of dark brown granadillo wood, which has a beautiful grain and smooth, elegant finish.

Chikuhodo Takumi Series

The Takumi series are made with the highest quality Saikoho goat hair, which is left un-dyed to bring out the feeling of the original texture, and keep the luminous white hue. The light and soft touch of the bristles feels like a gentle embrace for skin.


Mizuho CMP Series

The 24 brushes of the CMP series are chic, sleek and excellent value brushes featuring handles of matte black that frame the high-quality bristles. The handles are lightweight and sturdy with an attractive minimal appeal.

Kyureido Kiwami Series

Kiwami, meaning ‘peak’ and ‘height’ in Japanese, is the premium series of Kyureido. Brushes combine natural bristles with sleek and glossy black handles adorned with sparkles that feel like you're gazing into a galaxy. The series features 8 individual brushes, as well as a full 8-brush set.

Bisyodo Long Series

Bisyodo's Long Series are renowned for their elegant African Rosewood handles topped with golden ferrules and silky natural bristles. The 25 brushes of this series cover the full spectrum of powder, foundation, eyes, cheek, and lip makeup applications.

Koyudo Premium Series

By mixing high-quality goat hair with carefully selected grey squirrel hair, Koyudo has crafted a brush that is both soft and elastic.

Koyudo Fu-pa Series

Koyudo's Fu-pa Series is one of the brand's most popular, featuring densely packed bristles for optimum coverage, and short handles for greater control and portability. Handles are made from natural wood, finished in black with a pearl-green shimmer.

Koyudo Yoshiki Series

Koyudo's Yoshiki series comprises three different aesthetics: One is the classic Yoshiki series, with snow-white, densely packed saikoho bristles of 5 brushes at a competitive price; the next, is the Yoshiki Superior Series, with 3 eyebrushes of tanuki bristles and elegant black handles; the newest, is the high-end Yoshiki 8-brush set

Houkodou Sora Series

An elegant collection of brushes with plenty of the finest natural bristles, glossy black handles and luminous gold ferrules. The 11 brushes in this iconic series by Houkodou cover face, cheek and eye application, starting from just $13USD.




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