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Best Brushes for Nars Makeup

We ask Fude brushes users which makeup products they love using their Japanese makeup brushes with – here's the list recommendations for Nars products.

(Images courtesy of the official website)



Chikuhodo PS-2 Cheek Brush
"Nars blush in Impassioned (pink orchid shade) + Chikuhdo PS-2 Cheek: this is a lightly pigmented pale pink blush so I would use a blush brush with a rounded shape to apply the color to the apples of my cheeks and swirl to diffuse the color." (@karyi12, United States)

Koyudo V-02 Cheek Brush, Vivid Series
"Angled brushes suited perfectly on my cheeks." (Sulamita, Spain)

Chikuhodo RR-C2 Cheek Brush, Regular Series
"Soft brush for a strong blush." (Liane Vuong, Canada)

Mizuho MB114 Highlight Brush
"These two are a perfect match. Blush for me is a must have makeup product in the summer time and this brush makes blush application so easy and foolproof." (Jessica M, Sweden)

Eihodo WP Series, C-1 Cheek Brush
"Picks up just the right amount of product and brush is the perfect size and shape for placement of blush. Applies product effortlessly for all day wear and the bristles are so soft. I gently touch the the pressed powder with the brush and apply in more of a sweeping motion on cheeks or very light tapping where I want more color concentration." (PB, USA)



Bisyodo ES-06 Eyeshadow Brush
"In summers I mostly only use a concealer on inner corners of eyes and nose as a base. I like using the NARS creamy concealer and Bisyodo ES-06 Eyeshadow Brush. The brush is a small flat kolinsky brush and really helps spread the concealer till it disappears in to melds in to the skin." (Amandeep Kaur, UAE)

Mizuho CMP560 Concealer Brush
"Applies & blends under eye concealer perfectly and I tend to use less when I apply with this brush. It’s amazing." (@Hi.nataliet, USA)



Chikuhodo PF-4 Puff Brush
"This is the best, softest brush to apply the product so evenly. I put the product on my hand and pick up just what's necessary with the brush, allowing the most natural, skin-like finish and build more coverage just where needed." (Lisa, France)



Chikuhodo F0-5 and Chikuhodo Z-11
"(Ecstasy for example) can be used with Chikuhodo F0-5 for a wash of bright summer color. A neutral color can be blended at the edges/crease if desired to soften the periphery of color, using the same brush or a dedicated blender brush such as the Chikuhodo Z-11." (SH, USA)

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