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Free worldwide shipping for orders ¥40,000+
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Free worldwide shipping for orders ¥40,000+
Free worldwide shipping for orders ¥40,000+
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The Best Makeup Brushes for Liquid Foundation

Foundation (as the name suggests!) is the base for all the makeup that comes after it. This means you need to get it right. If you're a liquid foundation user,...

Foundation (as the name suggests!) is the base for all the makeup that comes after it. This means you need to get it right.

If you're a liquid foundation user, here's a guide to getting the right tool for perfect coverage.


Powder vs Liquid

First thing first. Before we dive in further about the Liquid foundation, make sure that you’re using the right one for your facial skin type. I’ve made a short comparison list for people with all skin type, let’s check it out below.

Powder foundation works best for people

…With Oily skin.

The powder can absorb some excess oil from the skin, and it keeps you from looking too greasy and shiny. The powder can also help your makeup stay in place for the day.

…Who is prone to sweat a lot.

The powder can help your makeup stay intact even in warm weather. But even if you’re prone to sweating, it is a good idea to use liquid type product in the dry season to keep your face moisturized and protected.

The liquid foundation works best for people

…with Dry skin.

The liquid can give your skin a well-needed moisture and brighten up your face. It will make your face look moist, plump and healthy.

…with Wrinkle problem

The powder can settle into the wrinkles and accentuate them, actually making you look older. If this applies to you, a liquid foundation will be your best friend. It can fill in the wrinkle and smooth it out for even, clean look.

…who has acne issue and pores

As same as the solution to wrinkle problem, liquid type product can act as a filler to cover up some bad skin condition (or a “texture” caused by some dermatological issues). They tend to last longer than powder, so it needs less reapplication during the day.

3 ways to apply liquid foundation and how to choose them

So now that you know which foundation suits you the best, let’s see all the methods available, to know the best ways for you. There are 3 ways to apply liquid foundation: Fingers, a sponge, or brushes.

Fingers are the easy and free way to apply liquid foundation quickly. It is not the best way to go for full coverage. You can achieve thin, natural layer of foundation. The best thing about the using fingers is that you can feel your skin yourself. It is also great to be used to blend it naturally brush

Sponges are a common way of applying foundation. The most common problems with sponges are:
1. Foundation consumption - it requires more product as it soaks up a lot of produce in the process.
2. Hygiene - adequate washing is often overlooked. This is potentially hazardous to your skin, as the sponge can pick up oils and dusk while applying makeup, and can amass a lot of bacteria in the end. To avoid this, frequent washing and cleaning are recommended.

Using dedicated foundation brushes has many benefits:

You can have fine control over how much foundation you apply, and it can easily reach hard spots like the side of the nose or under the eye.

They can be easily cleaned with running water.

They are conservative on product use. 

You can experiment to get the best brush suited to your skin type, face shape, and makeup preferences.

Note to consider: brushes with synthetic fibers are the best choice for the liquid foundation.



How to Apply Liquid Foundation 

Now that you have a liquid foundation and the matching liquid foundation brush, let’s focus on how to make the best use of the combination.
Here, we will show you some professional tips about how to apply your foundation with brushes for pore-less, flawless skin.

1. Prepare your skin

Always start your makeup routine with moisturizing your face. Good makeup can be compared to a work of art, and for every art, you need to start with a clean canvas.
One important note is that whatever the product you’re using for a makeup base, make sure that it is not too thick. Don’t put too much cream, for instance – You wouldn’t want to have a big greasy layer of makeup sitting on top of your skin that cracks over time – or worse, getting your makeup caked on all over.
Light lotion or cream is good to choice to start on, and just apply a thin layer of it. This would the foundation not only look better but last longer.

2. Applying the liquid foundation

Take a small portion on the back of your hand. This is to have better control on how much you’re applying to and to warm up the product so that it better blend in with your face in the later process.
Just take some of the foundation with your small foundation brush, and proceed to the next step

3. Use the brush to blend

Spread and pat. Using short stroke, start from the center of your face, and gradually move toward the edge of your facial line. This is mainly because the center of the face is usually where you need to cover the most, and starting from the edge would make an unnatural line between skin covered with foundation and not.
Using brush will let you reach under the eye and side of your nose easily, for better coverage. Make sure that you use short stroke & pat motion, as moving your brush horizontally to your face would leave a streak of the foundation.

4. Blend it smoothly

For the best smooth look, use clean Kabuki style brushes or your fingers to blend the foundation and just thin it out towards the face line and jawline. Make sure that you do this fast because once it’s dry, it is harder to blend.

This is optional, but if you’d like to go further and add the final touch, take some face powder with a large powder brush and just apply very thin, a fine layer of powder for natural-matte finish.

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