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Brushes Recommended for Liquid & Cream Foundation

The right makeup brush is key to achieving a flawless, airbrushed foundation application. Apply and blend liquid, cream and stick foundations in seamless, quick, and mess-free way with any of the brushes below. The key is finding a brush with the ideal bristle type, density, shape, and size to buff your liquid foundation evenly into skin for a perfect canvas. If you're after a smaller brush for more targeted application before buffing out, check out our Best Cheek Brushes for Cream & Liquid Products.

Whether you’re looking to create a natural no-makeup look or desire full coverage, these recommendations to the best foundation brushes by popular customer opinion.


B-FD-01 Foundation Brush (Long Series)

"I recently received this brush and cannot put it down. It has taken the place of all my other foundation brushes... I love it because it blends out any type of foundation that I use cream stick or liquid to an absolutely flawless finish. My face does not look “made up” and that is the look I prefer. I actually am going to order another one because I don’t want to be without." (Monica, USA)

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Chikuhodo FO-2 Foundation Brush, FO Series - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


FO-2 Foundation Brush

"I love this for my light liquid foundation and tinted moisturizers. I'm able to get it under my eyes and around my nose and it leaves no streaking. Really buffs it in." (Vicki S, USA)

"I love this brush. First I was afraid to use it with liquids due to the precious bristles but it actually works really well! I also use it to buff in cheap products. I highly recommend it." (Silvia, USA)

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CMP510 Foundation Brush

"Holy grail foundation brush! Mizuho CMP510 really does mimic natural hair brushes, but much more durable and easier to clean due to the synthetic bristles. Great multi-tasking brush for any liquid, cream, or powder products, I use this primarily for foundation but also liquid/cream blushes and bronzers." (Aditya H, USA)

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Fupa-02 Brush (100% Natural Bristles)

"This has been my first venture into Japanese makeup brushes, and it's been fantastic. I have loved using this little beauty. Soft but not too soft, the brush blends my foundation beautifully and doesn't irritate my very annoying sensitive skin. Even the handle is amazing with the shimmering green in the light. I feel very spoiled using something so elegant just to put my makeup on in the morning!" (Flossy, Australia)

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F-03 (Fupa-02 with Natural/Synthetic Blend)

"This is my fave Koyudo brush for liquid and cream foundations! The shape and smaller handle size is actually nicely balanced and sturdy feeling for multi-purposes: spreading liquid foundation, stippling cream blush, blending contours, or general buffing." (Andrew P, Canada)

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T-13 Liquid Brush, Takumi Series

“This is an easy 5 Stars for me! Beautiful, soft, densely packed brush that works great both as a liquid and cream foundation brush but also for powder foundation. The T-13 just buffs out product seamlessly and quickly too, given its size. Loving it!” (Kris, Singapore)

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Y-1 Face Brush, Yoshiki Series

"Although the description of this brush says it is for powder products, I typically use it with my everyday combination of Clé de Peau cushion and CdP concealer stick. I have also successfully used it with my Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate foundation. I have mature (I’m 79), dry skin with mild, well-controlled rosacea so I look for brushes that are soft enough that they don’t irritate my skin and yet are dense enough to do the job. This particular foundation brush meets my needs perfectly." (Eileen K, USA)

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LQ-3 Liquid Brush, WP Series

"Highly recommended. I love this brush. It is a multi-tasker as the shape of the brush allows application of both concealer and foundation and cream blush. Easy to clean and hardy hair type, worth the investment." (Rebecca, Australia)

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PF-4 Puff Brush

"This is by far one of my favourite foundation brushes to date! No streaks, bristles are so smooth, the size is perfect not too big or too small, so far I have used it with liquid and it performs amazing with both! I have always used synthetic bristles for foundation, mainly as they are less high maintenance, not too worries about being gentle and washing frequently but I don't see my self ever going back to any other brush. I use the chikuhodo G-12 to place my foundation and then use the PF-4 for a smooth, seamless quick application." (Ana, UK)

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BZ-1 Foundation Brush

"This is a thick, dense foundation brush that is excellent at applying cream/liquid or powder foundations. The density makes it so not to much liquid travels into the hair, but there is enough movement on the surface of the brush to be able to swirl/buff comfortably across the face without pulling or tugging the skin too much, especially if you use light to light/medium pressure." (ML, USA)

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YGQ17 Liquid Foundation Brush

"I was pleasantly surprised by this lip brush, it does a good job applying lipstick on lips but also concealer in the under eye area!!" (Alina K, Greece)

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