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Alicia Archer (AKA Kinkysweat)

Fitness professional who loves things all things movement and beauty.
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Fude Q&A

How did you discover Fude brushes?

I purchased my first Fude set from Beautylish in 2018. After that, I slowly added more brands to my Fude collection, and the process of discovering different types has been fun!

What do you like about Fude brushes?

I appreciate the consistency. Whether it's a brush that's inexpensive or not, the expectations are met regardless. I change my perspective of course depending on which brush I use, but no matter what I can expect solid makeup application.

Can you name your top 3-5 brushes, and why?

Chikuhodo Silver Fox FO-3, Chikuhodo Takumi T-11, Tanseido YKQ 12, Koyudo Premium P-03, Houkodou Sora G-S2 Sora Series. The fox brush since it is versatile with different types of powders, has great pick up, but feels ultra plush on the skin, The Takumi T-11 brush is my ideal shape for foundation application. I enjoy the feel of "painting" my makeup, and the goat hair allows for a seamless, skin like finish. The Tanseido kolinksy brush is ideal for my cream eyeshadows, and the shape is great for lid application and crease blending. The Koyudo eyeshadow brush is my one and done brush, that I can use with one or two eyeshadows for a blurred finish on the eyes. The Houkodou brush is similar to the Koyudo, but the longer length has a wispier touch to the eyes. Great for a wash of color on the lids, but with the capability of a smooth blend.

Do you have any advice for people starting out with Fude?

I would say that the most expensive brush will not necessarily be the right one for you. You have to consider, most importantly your budget, second your skin type, and thirdly application preference. If you have normal/oily skin, then goat hair will be ideal and it's not the most expensive bristle. Whereas if you have ultra sensitive skin, you might have to consider a squirrel hair that will be more expensive, but it will last for years.

How did you get into makeup?

As a dance major, I had to learn how to apply makeup for the stage, and I found myself fascinated by beauty Youtube videos. I actually started my Youtube channel with hair tutorials, and then slowly integrated makeup tutorials. I found that I thoroughly enjoy teaching people different makeup techniques, and now sharing knowledge about Fude!

Do you have favorite makeup artists that you look up to?

I love Hung Vanngo's work. The way he thoroughly preps the skin, his intelligent use of color, and overall ethereal process of his makeup application is truly wonderful to learn from.

What products do you love using with Fude brushes?

I found that my complexion and cheek products benefit most from using Fude. Before I would encounter muddiness, but now all my products apply smoothly without any texture or heaviness.