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Tanseido Brushes: Review + Demo by Alicia Archer (aka Kinkysweat)

Tanseido Brushes: Review + Demo by Alicia Archer (aka Kinkysweat)

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We're proud to stock Kumanofude brand Tanseido at Fude Beauty. We collaborated with Alicia Archer (aka Kinkysweat) to intro and demo them.  

Tanseido brushes are recognizable by their iconic brushes with handles of red, black, and a pearlescent blue rarely found in Fude brush handles. Their natural bristles and fine craftsmanship make Tanseido one of Japan's most popular Fude brands.

Many Tanseido brushes also come with different options for handle length, to suit personal preferences. All brushes receive Tanseido's signature UV-sterilization before leaving the workshop.


Brushes featured include: 

  • E33 Short Red Handle
  • 37B Short Black Handle
  • WH14 Blue Handle
  • WS14T Red Handle Tea-Dyed Sokoho
  • WC14T Black Handle Tea-Dyed Sokoho
  • YKQ12 Long Black Handle Kolinsky
  • 4-Piece Eyeshadow Brush Set (YWQ7, 9, 10, 12) 


Be sure to check out the video below, and browse Tanseido brushes.



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