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Comparing liquid brushes with Alicia Archer (aka Kinkysweat)

Comparing liquid brushes with Alicia Archer (aka Kinkysweat)

We get it, the search for the perfect liquid brush. With so many to choose from, we reached out to Alicia Archer (aka Kinkysweat) to review and demo some of our best-selling liquid foundation brushes.

As Alicia says, the primary difference with using Fude brushes for liquid foundation is the ability to get ‘coverage without looking like coverage’. And, as she demonstrates, they don’t only have to be used only with liquid foundation – Alicia shows how to use them for applying different types of cheek products and highlighter.

Watch the video to find out more about the brushes, what tasks and products they're best suited for. 

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Brushes mentioned in Alicia's video:


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