Best Eye Brushes for Cream & Liquid Products

Japanese Fude brushes are renowned for their soft natural bristles that are an absolute dream for powder products. But when it comes to liquid and cream products, the delicate nature and absorption of some bristle types means being a little more selective.

To find out more, we reached out our Japanese Fude artisans for their recommendations on bristles that are ideal for cream and liquid products for eyes, as well as recommendations about specific brushes in their collections.


From the Artisans

Chikuhodo: “We recommend brushes made of weasel hair or synthetic fibers. Some of our customers use R-LQ1 or other liquid foundation brushes for blending blush, it depends on how you use it.”

Koyudo: Koyudo artisans recommend their Makiko Series. Not only are the brushes super cute, with soft imitation saikoho bristles, cherry wood handles, and rosy ferrules - the PBT bristles means it is compatible with viscous makeup materials (and resilient!). Koyudo’s Fu-pa series also comes highly recommended. In particular, the f-02 and f-05.

Mizuho: Mizuho artisans recommend PBT and weasel bristles for cream and liquid product application. The specific brushes they recommend in their collections are below. 

Houkodou: Houkodou artisans recommend bristles of PBT, weasel and horse hair when it comes to smaller brushes such as eye and small highlights. For cheek brushes, they recommend brushes with densely bundled bristles. 

Tanseido: Tanseido artisans recommend synthetic fibres for their durability during washing, and, when it comes to natural bristles that canbe used with liquid and cream products, they recommend goat and kolinsky.

Brush Pairings for Popular Brands

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