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Physiotherapist and makeup artist from Spain.

Fude Q&A

How did you discover Fude brushes?

I’m an absolute lover of Japanese culture since I was a child. I was reading and watching videos every time, and one day I saw a video of a maiko getting ready and I was really impressed about the brushes she worked with so I looked up for some info and I found Kumamo craftsmenI fell in love with them at the spot and today’s the day I keep feeling the same

What do you like about Fude brushes?

When I saw a video about the manufacture process of a brush, makeup brush or calligraphy brush, I couldn’t believe how perfect every brush is. I love the feel of the tips of the hair, how fine and soft they are. I love how they perform with makeup in that perfectly way. Besides, there are actual masterpeaces, their details are exquisite, their handles, their lacquering techniques…

Can you name your top 3-5 brushes, and why?

I think my favorite type of hair is squirrel. I just really love the feel of it. Some of my favorites are:
>>Chikuhodo GSN 04, I love the long handle, and for me it is the perfect size.
>>Tanseido SS14,Recently a friend gifted me this brush and I love it. The shape is unique.
>>Chikuhodo KZ-8this is the best hair for working color on the eyes, picks and blends color perfectly
>>Koyudo Yoshiki Superior Series Y-8that is Black Tanuki hair so it’s perfect to blend eyeliner and cream eyeshadow
>>Chikuhodo FO-02this is THE perfect foundation brush. Its density and the feeling of silver fox hair is amazing

Do you have any advice for people starting out with Fude?

My advice is to learn as much information as you can. Here in FudeBeauty website you could find a lot of that. The quality of Fude brushes is almost guaranteed, so when you’re going to purchase a brush you have to keep in mind these aspects: Size, shape, density and type of hair.What do you want your brush for? Eyes, cheek, all over face..Do you want a light veil of color? Or you need more opacity?Do you need a resilient brush? A super soft feel? Sometimes mixed hair is a great choice.

How did you get into makeup?

I’m a Physiotherapist but I’ve always had a liking for the Fine Arts and Painting in particular. Firstly I stated as a youngster learning about self makeup and three years ago I started training as a professional makeup artist. Now I combine my two passions.

Do you have favorite makeup artists that you look up to?

I admire my teacher Baltasar González Pinel, he is a Senior Makeup Artist at Mac Cosmetics, and he is the most eloquent person I’ve ever met and he loves the profession more than anything.I also admire Wayne Goss, Troy Surrat and Kevyn Aucoin careers.Here I need to mention Sonia G, she is not a makeup artist but she has become who she is thanks to her Fude passion.