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Tutorial: Smokey Eyeliner in Burgundy and Rosy Tones by Sulamita Nistal Sanches

Tutorial: Smokey Eyeliner in Burgundy and Rosy Tones by Sulamita Nistal Sanches

Images and tutorial by: Sulamita Nistal Sanches
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Sulamita is a physiotherapist and makeup artist from Spain. Her love of fine arts, painting in particular, brought her to makeup; and her love of Japanese culture since she was a child brought her to Fude brushes. You can read more about Sulamita and her tips for Fude here.

"In this tutorial I’ve created a super easy and cool eye look. It’s perfect to wear on a date, a night out even on Christmas."

To follow the video (in Spanish), please see the end of the post or Sulamita's Instagram.


Brushes used:

Products used:

  • Mac Paint Pot in Lawin’ low
  • Stilla Shimmer&glow in Twig
  • Nars Wanted palette
  • Mac Semi-sweet Times Nine palette
  • Danessa Myricks Colorfix in Blackout
  • Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Liner in Black

The steps:

1. Apply a rosy base eye color

I’ve applied Mac Paint Pot in Layin’ Low using the Koyudo Yoshiki Superior Series Y-7 on the mobile lid. Don’t forget Mac Paint Pots have a dry feel so you must apply a thin layer to avoid dry patches. This base will help the rest of the products to blend better. The Koyudo Yoshiki Superior Series Y-7 is perfect to blend cream eyeshadow all over the lid with just a few strokes – it’s very easy to work with.


2. Draw an eyeliner guide

To perform this step I used the main color of the look, burgundy. With Koyudo Yoshiki Superior Series Y-8, I picked up the tiniest bit of Stila Shimmer&glow in Twig and applied it to the upper lashline and spread it with a swift outward stroke. The size and tip of this brush makes it a great option when you want accuracy.


3. Apply color

First of all, I smoked out the line with my Chikuhodo GSN-10 and a warm transition shade: Nars Wanted palette. After that, I used the Bisyodo BS-SL-01 to apply the rosy-tone eyeshadow to the center of the lid, and the champagne eyeshadow to the inner corner, keeping the eyeliner shape to create a gradient effect.


4. Emphasize the darkness of the outer edge

For this step, use your favorite black eyeshadow. I used the shadow in Mac Semi-sweet Times Nine palette. With the Bisyodo BS-EB-01, I applied the black eyeshadow right in the outer edge of the eye and spread it outwards again. Be sure to blend it upwards very carefully.


5. Define the lashline

Draw an ultra-thin eyeliner as close to the upper lashes as possible. For me, Tanseido Eyeliner Brush YMR2 is a truly precise brush to do this. For the eyeliner, I used the Danessa Myricks Colorfix in Blackout. For an even more defined lashline, I applied my favorite eye pencil, the Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Liner in Black. It really makes the difference.


6. Finishing touches

Apply your favorite mascara and lipstick. I’ve combined this eye look with a nude lipstick and a burgundy one, so you can choose what you prefer!




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