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My Foundation Routine: Natural skin-like finish, by Sulamita Nistal Sanches

Images and tutorial by: Sulamita Nistal SanchesLinks below are affiliated to support the content creator. Sulamita is a physiotherapist and makeup artist from Spain. Her love of fine arts, painting...

Images and tutorial by: Sulamita Nistal Sanches
Links below are affiliated to support the content creator.

Sulamita is a physiotherapist and makeup artist from Spain. Her love of fine arts, painting in particular, brought her to makeup; and her love of Japanese culture since she was a child brought her to Fude brushes. You can read more about Sulamita and her tips for Fude here.

"When I think about face makeup, I always try to keep the skin with a real natural finish. I don’t like at all heavy feeling on makeup or high coverage, that’s the reason I always choose radiant finish products, light textures and I try to match my skin as perfectly as I can.

In this tutorial I show you my favorites products, techniques and tools I always use for my makeup base routine. I start with very well-moisturized skin. For me, this is key to layering products in a perfect way. I don't use primer very often because with this foundation routine I achieve the finish that I want, and I don’t need to change anything. Of course you can use your favorite primer, it’s up to you. "

To follow the video (in Spanish), please see the end of the post or Sulamita's Instagram

Brushes used:

Products used:

  • Mac Face & Body Foundation
  • Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
  • Armani A-contour, Shade: 21
  • Chanel Soleil Tan Cream Bronzer
  • Illamasqua Colour Veil, Shade: Infatuate
  • Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder
  • Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer
  • Nars Blush, Shade: Seduction
  • Nudestix Highlighter, Shade: Hey Honey
  • Jouer Highlighter in Topaz


Step 1

Apply a thin layer of a light coverage foundation. My favorite one is the Mac Face & Body Foundation, this foundation is the most skin-like foundation I have ever tried, it has a very thin texture and gives the skin a little extra moisturizing layer (which it’s crucial for the next step). I always use a sponge for this kind of foundation.

Extra tip: add the foundation to a mixing palette, extend it, and let it dry for a few minutes. Next, when the foundation has started to dry out, you could apply it to achieve more coverage with the same light feeling.

Step 2

Apply a second layer of a higher coverage product, it could be a foundation or a concealer. My favorite product for this step is the Armani Luminous Silk foundation. The key is to apply the coverage only where you need it, rather than all over the skin.

This second layer of foundation melts into the skin like a dream because of the first hydrating layer. I apply this with the Chikuhodo FO-2, this brush is absolutely ideal for every cream product I tried. The hair density picks and glides product in a perfectly even way, and is also very flexible against the skin. I have applied the foundation by dabbing on the skin to achieve a long-lasting finish.

Note: While the Chikuhodo FO Series is enjoyed by many customers for cream and liquid products, Fude Beauty cannot endorse this as Chikuhodo do not, due to the delicate nature of the bristles. The choice is up to each customer.   

Step 3: Pinpoint concealing

Once the foundation is on, check to see if you need any extra coverage on little blemishes or spots. In this step, I use the Kyureido KN002, this brush has a pointed tip, so you can grab a little concealer or foundation and place it on the blemish.

Tip: Let the concealer dries almost out before you blend it. In the meantime, you can do your brows or another task. 

Step 4: Cream contour

I use the Chikuhodo Z3 to apply the Armani A-contour. The size and shape of this brush makes the work very easy. Although squirrel hair isn’t indicated to be used with cream products, I find this brush works surprisingly well. 

Step 5: Cream bronzer

For bronzing the face, I use the Chikuhodo F0-2 because it's larger than the Z3 so can apply bronzer on a bigger area. The Soleil Tan bronzer of Chanel is perfect for my skin tone, it gives a radiant sun-kissed effect. I apply it to the cheekbones, forehead, and bridge of the nose.

Step 6: Cream blush

I use the Chikuhodo FO-2 with the Illamasqua Blush in Infatuate. I used a tiny bit of product because it’s so pigmented. I apply it with a dabbing motion on the apples of the cheek.

Step 7: Lock the foundation

My favorite way to lock the foundation is using a super light powder. I use the Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder, and my absolute favorite tool is the Chikuhodo Z4. I only apply powder on the areas where I have more coverage. 

Step 8: Powder bronzer

In this case, I have chosen a gel-to-powder formula to show you how beautifully the Mizuho brush MB114 applies this kind of product. Thanks to the hair mix (pine squirrel and pony), this brush picks product easily and works it amazingly. I have applied the Chantecaille bronzer with a swiping motion. 

Step 9: Powder blush

For blush, I have chosen a very pigmented (and a little scary!) shade of blush, Seduction by Nars. I again use the Mizuho MB114, and you won’t believe how natural this blush is applied in this way. The MB114 has a flat side, so I grab the product with that side (only one swipe) and dab very lightly on the apples of the cheek.

Final step: Apply highligher

I apply a cream highlighter with my fingers to melt it on the skin. Then, I have apply a powder highlight with the Chikuhodo Z2. The Jouer highlighter is very metallic, so the softness of the Z2 bristles enables a natural finish.

I apply it on the high point of the cheek, the cupid’s bow, and the bridge of the nose. And that’s my foundation routine! I hope you have learned something and put it into practice.
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