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FREE shipping worldwide for orders ¥40,000+
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Best Brushes for Finishing & Setting Powder, as reviewed by our Customers

Setting and finishing are two important parts of a makeup routine. Setting powder helps your makeup to last longer in place. Finishing powder is that last swoop of magic to...

Setting and finishing are two important parts of a makeup routine. Setting powder helps your makeup to last longer in place. Finishing powder is that last swoop of magic to create an airbrushed finish, minimizing pores and evening out the skin's texture for a smooth, glowing look. You can use one or the other, or both together – in which case, the finishing powder will go on last.

We've put together a collection of powder brushes for finishing and setting that are most reviewed by our customers. 

Chikuhodo FO-1


I use this powder brush every single day. I have washed it at least once now, and it has bloomed beautifully. I use it for setting my foundation mostly. However, it would also work wonderfully as a finishing brush as well. If you are on the fence about this brush, just get it. You won't regret it at all. I would note that I've only used this for powder formulas. I do not use it for any creams or liquids. While I do agree that fox hair is a heartier hair than squirrel, I still believe it is delicate enough to warrant only using it with powders.

Mary W., United States

Picks up product well and application is smooth and seamless. Works wonderfully for setting with powder as well as buffing at the end on my oily skin. Of all my brushes, the FO series has my favorite handle design - comfortable to hold and the satin finish is exquisite.

Joan Louise Malgapo, Singapore

This is my third brush from the line. I had already got the slanted cheek brush an the large eyeshadow brush which had blown me away. The bristles from this line are super duper soft but sturdy. Powder is applied flawlessly and the brush picks up product well. I have previously used the Z1 for setting my (generally oily) face but now I prefer the FO Powder. From now on I will continue to use the Z1 as a finishing brush for final touches.

Carolin, Germany

I love this brush! I use it for both setting powder and finish powder, it gives such a soft touch to your face!

Vivien, United States

This brush makes you feel as if you are applying powders with velvet. It does not move your makeup, as some brushes do, because of the bristles and its ability to use a light hand for setting/finishing powders. Another winner!

Amy Matsumoto, United States

Chikuhodo FO-3

My first experience with fox hair, it's very soft, I use it for setting powder and for finishing up and blending my whole face, can be used for bronzer and blusher as well.

R.E, United Arab Emirates

I just started building my fude collection, and I was worried that this brush would be too small as an all-purpose brush. But once I washed the brush it turned out to be very plush and soft! This is a perfect all-around brush for someone who is just getting into fude. It can do it all - setting foundation, blush, bronzer, even highlight. I’m so happy I bought this brush!

Dyuti M., United States

Love this brush for setting powder. I have the Z-1 and Z-9 for finishing powder. I don’t use these to set my face due to the squirrel hair. So I have been using this fox brush to set my makeup. I think the size is actually perfect for powder. Can wait until I can get more of the fox brushes.

Sheila, United States

Chikuhodo MK-2

This brush is beautiful, from the lacquered handle to the bristle shape, and it's a pleasure to use. I've recently upgraded my whole brush collection (from Zoeva and Makeup Geek) and I can see why Japanese brushes are so loved - the quality is there! This brush in particular is soft and ideal to apply setting powder. It has the right size to apply powder in all the face, except in the under eye area. For that purpose I use a smaller brush (Chikuhodo FO5).


Chikuhodo MK-KO

I’ve been using this brush for a few weeks now and I love it. It reminds me of Chikuhodo Makie MK-2 brush. The bristles are soft and perfect for setting power.

Valerie Banda-Rodriguez, United States

Chikuhodo MK-UM

​​I use this even when I don't have to. This brush has washed beautifully, and has bloomed slightly. I don't use brush guards for brushes I'm actively using. This is supremely soft and quite a luxurious experience to use. This is the most expensive brush I own, frankly. The Maki-e artwork is second to none and truly a sight to behold. I use this strictly for finishing powders, although it could easily be used for setting powder as well as blush, bronzer and a sweep of highlighter. I'm so happy to have this in my collection.

Mary W., United States

Chikuhodo Powder Brush, Regular Series (R-P2 Black, RR-P2 Red)


I use this for my shading after I finish this brush with setting powder. I like the slant shape and shading is very easy to apply on my jaw line.

dordor, Hong Kong

I must confess, that I am biased to angled brushes. The RR-P2 is a new line to me, and this was my first time trying it. The angled shape is what drew me in. The construction of the brush is perfect for me. The lightweight handle is a joy to hold; while still feeling substantial. The bristles are incredibly soft and slightly longer. I have used it for contour, bronzer, and setting powder. I am so happy I decided to ty this brush.. And for the price I am even more surprised by the quality.

NativeNewYorker, United States

Chikuhodo T-1 Powder Brush

This large powder Brush is my new favourite face powder brush to set my loose powder or setting powder in one easy stroke without any cakery. It makes my face look so natural.

dordor, Hong Kong

Chikuhodo Z-1

I had very high expectations for this brush after watching many YouTube beauty/makeup artist rave about it. It not only met those expectations but exceeded them. I Love this brush...obviously it’s soft but I find the size and shape absolute perfection for setting powder as well as buffing.

Jill Goates, United States

I have this and the z9. This is more narrow. This z1 is perfect for softly and precisely applying setting powder. Love love LOVE Fude Beauty!

Kylie, United States

Chikuhodo Z-4


This soft little brush fits perfectly in the Hourglass holiday palettes giving a perfect application for all types of powders: bronzer, highlighter, finishing powder. This smaller sister to Z-8 is equally wonderful.

Julia, Slovakia

I love this brush for versatility. The size is perfect for meeting several needs. Of course, it is perfect for applying cheek products flawlessly and smoothly. It allows you to layer products so that they blend naturally, and create beautiful looks and finishes. The brush can also be used to apply both setting and finishing powders which is great. It allows you to travel lightly with fewer makeup brushes.

Thannie, United States


Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush

Z8 can pick up the least pigmented powder blush on the market! And releases everything to your skin. I often need to blow away some excess product from the tip of the bristles first, and then start sweeping on my cheeks. And please start light handed when you go in with any blush for the first time. I also love using it to apply setting powders on smaller areas, such as temples, nose, chin. And you can totally use it for contour (big areas) and bronzer. I enjoyed this brush a lot!

Zhujing, Netherlands

Z8 is the perfect work horse. It’s able to do everything on you face from contour, blush & bronzer to finishing setting & buffing Truly a magical brush. Also fude is the best place to buy. I’m in the UK and they arrived in 4 days of ordering EXCELLENT SERVICE will be purchasing again from Fude.

Sarah Parker, United Kingdom

Chikuhodo Z-9 Powder Brush 

My skin is dry and sensitive. CHIKUHODO Z series has never irritated my skin, which is what you would expect from blue squirrel bristles. Z9 is a huge powder brush, so it applies product very efficiently (you might want to use another smaller brush if you want to set areas like under eye or the sides of the nose). The bristles can pick a good amount of product and release on your skin effortlessly. I use padding motion to apply setting powders gently to the skin (I almost never need to go in twice for the same area). And for finishing off, I would gently buff and sweep away excess product. This is no doubt a beautiful brush and it's worth every penny.

Zhujing, Netherlands

This is my favorite powder brush. Super soft. Perfect for setting powder.

Kathy, United States

This is such a beautiful brush and I am so glad I finally picked it up!  It is incredibly multifuntional - setting powder, bronzer, finishing powder and more.  Beyond soft!  Perfect addition to my Fude Collection!



Chikuhodo KZ-2 Cheek Brush, Kazan Homare Series

​​This brush is great for blush, and setting/finishing powder. Super soft and fluffy, beautiful handle.

Sarah, Australia

This brush is so delicate and airy feeling against the skin. I absolutely love every single brush in the Homare series. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get my hands on the KZ-1, so I still have to wait and hope that will one day come back into production. This lovely brush, isn't very dense, but the length of the bristles and shape make it lovely for light bronzer application, and all over light dusting of finishing powder. It is also lovely for a blush application that is less targeted and precise. Although the bristles are so soft, they are able to pick up enough product as long as powders aren't too hard pressed, so pigmentation isn't an issue. You will want to caress this brush over and over along the contours of your face just to experience the exquisite Kazan Squirrel softness. Honestly, this brush functions beautifully as far as utility and versatility, but the feeling alone is so luxurious and pleasant you'll find yourself wanting to use it over and over again. I highly recommend.

Siroun, United States


Chikuhodo KZ-3 Cheek/Highlight Brush, Kazan Homare Series

Applies undereye setting powder and contour like a dream. Im sure there's many more uses I've yet to discover. I just like to use EA brush for a specific tasks. Another k z brush that I purchased 2 in order to rotate my use.

Debbie G, United States ​​

Supersoft cheek brush, also great for setting and finishing powder.

Sarah, Australia ​​

This one is great for setting concealer under the eyes. It fits perfectly and it just floats across your skin. Also great for highlight.

Susan, United States


Koyudo Kakishibuzome Powder Brush 02 (Round)

This is just a stunning brush and I absolutely adore it. It has a perfect length of 50mm, which makes it not too overwhelming on smaller face shapes like mine. The bristles are incredibly soft and that persimmon-dyed tips always remind me of beautiful sunsets! I've washed this brush 4 times since I bought it and there is minimal shedding. I find that I can use it in both sweeping motions and also in circular motions without any bristle breakage. Loving this for finishing and setting powder as well as more diffused bronzer application.

K.M.K, Singapore 

I love the ombré effect. It’s one of my most beautiful brushes. I have used it for setting powder and applying bronzer all over my face. It does the job beautifully! I am eyeing the KK3 and the eye brushes now :)

Andie, Canada 

This brush is so soft! I use it every day to apply blushes, sometimes even setting powder. It's super versatile, especially convenient for someone who needs to apply makeup every day. But it may smell a bit after the first few washes.

ST, United States 

I could not believe just how soft the mixture of goat and squirrel could be in this compact dynamo brush.  I love the shorter handle in this case, it will be perfect for travel. It works for bronzer, even blush and of course setting powder all over. I just wish I had bought more of this line as now they appear to be all sold out.  Please Fude Beauty, don't discontinue this line.

Ruth Mano, United States

Koyudo Premium P-01 Powder Brush

This brush is very soft and smooth. The bristles do not prick as I have sensitive skin. I actually bought the cheek brush first. I like it so much I decided to buy this one and am very happy with it. I am loving the short handles as it’s much easier to use and has a nice grip. It is good for setting powder as it is rather big and covers a big area of the face. I use it with the meteorites powder beads as setting powder. It’s also good with normal loose powder. I’m actually just learning about brushes and find that Koyudo brushes outshines many other brands (not that I own many) but that’s my opinion. The price is also reasonable and would recommend this and the cheek brushes. I am sure you will be as happy as I am

Patricia N., Singapore 

A very soft and big face finishing powder brush that enables me to apply my setting powder in a faultless look. Recommend!

dordor, Hong Kong 

This was in my first order in trying fude brushes and I am in love. This brush is so plush and perfect for setting and finishing powders. You could also use it for bronzer and blush. The handle is very short but I don't care. I love the mixture of the hairs. It is also very soft, more squirrel feeling than goat. I actually ended up ordering the other brushes in this line except for the fan one.

Oksana, United States

Koyudo White Canadian Squirrel Powder Brush (Small)

I own the small and large powder brushes and they are definitively a luxurious experience. I recommend them if you are a collector that also likes functional brushes. Both brushes are excellent for setting and finishing powders as well as bronzer application. They feel as soft as blue squirrel, but bouncier and more versatile.

Migdalys S., United States


I have many squirrel hair brushes. This is my first white Canadian squirrel face brush. It as absolutely glorious. It is wonderfully soft, yet it picks up a good deal of pigment and blends well. I have used this for bronzer, blush and all over finishing powder. I’m contemplating getting the blush brush. They are pricey and only come around every couple of years. If you are an avid fude collector and are looking to add this to your brush lineup, you won’t be disappointed.

SIROUN K., United States


Tanseido AQ14 Large Eyeshadow Brush

This is my first time trying out Tanseido and with very high expectations (as you would with that price point), I am very impressed with the quality of the bristles and overall design of the brush, from the handle to shape of the bristles. It is indeed, a very large brush, even for those with big eyes. As someone with small Asian eyes, I use it mainly to powder under my eyes, spot powder on my nose and chin, and highlight the cheekbones. The flat round shape of the brush is a very versatile shape which allows you to use it the tip of the brush to blend powder under the lower lashline to using the round flat side to pat in setting powder, highlighter and even blush. The bristles are so soft and fluffy, blending is seamless and requires almost no effort at all. Highly recommend!

Kayla, Australia

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