Mizuho Essential Color: 4-piece set with bag FDPR-SET-7


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Selection of Mizuho makeup brushes, manufacturer of high-quality traditional Kumano brushes. All the brushes included in the set are dense, fully packed with just right amount of resilience.
it brings out the best color on your skin with ease.
Comes with soft brush bag for a trip.

Set includes
- Powder brush PM-20
- Cheek & Highlight brush PM-38
- Multi-Shadow brush PM-12
- Comb & brush PM-8
- Brush case in purple FD-PR#4

*This set does not come with gift box. Please purchase the box separately for the gift on a special occasion.

Hair: Powder Goat
Cheek&Highlight Goat
Multi-Shadow Horsehair
Comb with brush Horse Mane