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Meet the Maker: Mizuho

Meet the Maker: Mizuho

“We make brushes that bring richness and color to the hearts and lives of people around the world.” 



Mizuho brushes are informed by a history of calligraphy brush-making in the Kumano region of Japan, a skill that dates back 1,300 years. Their ongoing pursuit of craftsmanship is founded in using age-old techniques combined with the continuous development of makeup brushes of outstanding quality.

Each of their brushes is handmade and subject to strict quality control at all stages, from bristle selection and sorting, to the removal of misaligned hairs, peak formation, setting and inserting of hair, and handle mounting and inspection.

Mizuho’s name draws on a respected word in Japan meaning “fresh ears of rice”. A brush’s bristles are the most vital part of the makeup brushes made in Kumano, similar to a “fresh ear of rice”. This is the respect that all employees uphold.

Mizuho has a proud history of 180 years of traditional Kumano brush making.


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CMP Series

The CMP series is chic, sleek series with handles of matte black that frame the high-quality bristles. The handles are lightweight and sturdy with an attractive minimal appeal. 

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MB Series

MB series is Mizuho's flagship series, bringing together their advanced brush-making techniques, a focus functionality, and sophisticated design. The matte-black handles are contoured to fit your hand, capped with brushed silver ferrules and natural bristles. The goal with this series is 'beautiful design and a joy to use'.

The MB series received a GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2011. "The brushes are made with a modern design sensibility and crafted using traditional techniques nurtured over a long time," was the comment of the judge. 

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TS Series

Glossy olive handles are a gorgeous feature of this series, which are ideal for a travel series with their shorter handles. 

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PM Series

Handles are soft pink with a pearlescent finish, paired with a matte silver ferrule. 

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Mizuho Portable Series

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BF Series

Classic and elegant, the BF Series feature glossy black handles and silver ferrules. 

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Mizuho Cases

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