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Popular Kolinsky Brushes

Kolinsky bristle brushes are treasured for their perfect balance of suppleness and structure, allowing you to effortlessly pick up and apply even demanding formulas with ease and control.

From hard-baked powders to delicate shimmer eyeshadows and gel liners, these brushes excel at a range of techniques. Their tapered tips allow for intricate detailing and pinpoint application, while the elasticity offers smooth blending and one-and-done multitasking.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 of our customers’ favorites, with their reviews on why the love that particular brush, and the best-suited applications.


B-ES-06 Eyeshadow Brush

"This brush is both beautiful and functional. The long handle is so slender and elegant and the bristles have just enough resilience to pick up harder packed pigment." (Tiffany C)

"Love the his brush due to the Kolinsky hair, which is getting harder to come by. You can use it for eyeshadow, eyeliner and concealer." (Phyllis R)

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Houkodou Eyeshadow Brush G-S5, Sora Series - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


G-S5 Eyeshadow Brush

"Love this small and mighty brush! Packs shimmers like nothing else I have used before. My new favourite brush for shimmers and metallics!" (Priya K)

"Love this brush for shimmer or metallic eyeshadow work. It’s kolinsky… of course it’s a must have." (Cicilia H)

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Houkodou Shadowliner Brush G-S4, Sora Series - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


G-S4 Shadowliner Brush

"The kolinsky hair is soft and supple, so you can use it as a liner brush, but also to smudge under your eyes. I also use it in the inner corner of my eyes, or to highlight the browbone. The end result is strong and precise but can be delicately blended with the same brush, which is really convenient." (GB)

"I picked this up together with the GS-5 and it is insta love for kolinsky eye brushes! I have used this with gel liner and love how sharp of a line and wing it creates." (Kim S)

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Bisyodo B-ES-05 Eyeshadow Brush (Long Series) - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


B-ES-05 Eyeshadow Brush

"Good for one and done and also for a diffuse shade on the outer corner of the eye. Works wonders with baked shades." (Cristina)

"Beautiful brush that is soft but has some firmness. Works well with harder to pick up shadows but still can apply softly. The firmness gives you a bit more control even when applying color all over the lid." (Michelle)

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Kyureido Small Stage Brush (KN-003), Nagomi Series - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


KN-003 Small Stage Brush

"Have been using this brush to apply gel-liner and to line with eyeshadow, and it works beautifully! Great control of line-width, and I love the way the brush looks too." (Mary S)

"This is a great size for small eyelids... using close to the tip for thin lines and using more of the body of the brush for thicker lines. The bristles are soft yet resilient and bounce back so the user does not have to use a lot of hand pressure." (Grace C)

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KQ12 Eyeshadow Brush

"I have a thing for Kolinsky hair lately and when I saw this brush was being carried by Fude Beauty I was ecstatic! I took it immediately and upon receipt this brush is even more beautiful in hand! The handle is amazingly gorgeous! The red one is a real sexy red. The hair is of very good quality and pack shadows very nicely for one and done. If you turn the brush on the side you can even do your liner. I love this brush so much!" (Othella)

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YKQ12 Eyeshadow Brush

"It feels sturdy but does have flexibility in the bristles. It is superb with liquid eyeshadows, the blend is so nice and the tip allows for really nice precision work." (Nicola P)

"The construction, the proportion, the weight, it's pure magic... What really surprised me was the feel in the hand, in my opinion it is hat makes it a real gem. It definitely got me interested in the brand!" (GB)

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KM-016 Miyabi Eyeliner Brush

"Perfect for thin liner application. This brush has an ideal length and fine tip for drawing fine eyeliner close to the lash line, and even a thin wing." (Lydia)

"I threw this in my cart just because but it's delightfully thin and draws equally thin lines." (T/D)

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Kyureido Large Stage Brush (KN-001), Nagomi Series - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


KN-002 Medium Stage Brush, Nagomi Series

"Versatile beauty! Works perfect for filling and lining lips and can also be used for eyeliner. With a steady hand, it wouldn't be too difficult to replicate a thin graphic liner. If you're stuck between choosing the large and small... I would choose the medium as the size is the most versatile." (Rachel P, USA)

"I use this brush for cream eyeshadow. It picks product very well and the tip allow you to precise blending or elongating the eyeshadow creating an eyeliner effect. Love this for lipstick too." (Sulamita)

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Tanseido YKF20 Liquid Foundation Brush - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


YKF20 Liquid Foundation Brush

"A thing of beauty! It’s absolutely gorgeous. From the design to its function. The size of the brush and it’s bristles are larger than I expected and densely packed, allowing foundation to glide on seamlessly and effortlessly, taking no time at all. I thought I might need an another brush to buff product in but this really does it all and gives a truly smooth, airbrushed finish. I’m so impressed! I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone curious <3" (Nick D)

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Kyureido Kiwami Portable Lip Brush (KK-010) - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


KK-010 Kiwami Portable Lip Brush

"Fantastic!!! I was pleasantly surprised by this lip brush, it does a good job applying lipstick on lips but also concealer in the under eye area!!" (Alina K)

"Compact and beautiful. Very functional brush for a very low price. Very beautiful handle and very compact for travel." (Adile M, Germany)

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Bisyodo BS-ES-03 Eyeshadow Brush, Short Series - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


BS-ES-03 Eyeshadow Brush

"I was shocked at how short the brush was but I’m so glad I got it it’s really soft and picks up multi-chromes and shimmers well." (Alicia B)

"So soft and delicate, , make up applying process is easy and comfortable. Great collaboration with SUQQU and THREE eyeshadows." (Natalie)

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Koyudo Yoshiki Gold Brush Set - Fude Beauty, Japanese Makeup Brushes


Yoshiki Gold 5-Brush Set

Each brush combines a luminous gold handle with long, silky, high-grade Kolinsky bristles in this set that pure luxury. The signature of Koyudo founder 'Yoshiki' Uematsu Fujimori, adorns each brush. 

Most often, kolinsky bristles are used in eye, lip and concealer (smaller) brushes, as it's rare to find longer bristles, which is what makes this release an exceptionally coveted and exclusive one. 

"Luxury brush set." (Anon)

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B-PL-02 Lip Brush with Cap

"Incredibly beautiful brush that makes lipstick application easy and enjoyable. The Bisyodo BP-PL-02 lip brush is an investment which I do not regret. It has the same beautiful rosewood handle of the BS-ES-05 (which I also love)." (Rebecca W, Australia)

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