Koyudo Yoshiki Gold Brush Set

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In a much-anticipated release, we're excited to announce Fude Beauty has 10 sets available of Koyudo's Yoshiki Kolinsky Gold Brush Set. Each brush combines a luminous gold handle with long, silky, high-grade Kolinsky bristles in this set that pure luxury. The signature of Koyudo founder 'Yoshiki' Uematsu Fujimori, adorns each brush. 

Most often, kolinsky bristles are used in eye, lip and concealer (smaller) brushes, as it's rare to find longer bristles, which is what makes this release an exceptionally coveted and exclusive one. 

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  • Powder Brush: Full 165mm (6.5 in) Hair 40mm (1.57 in)
  • Blush Brush : Full 161mm (6.5 in) Hair 36mm (1.41 in)
  • Eye Shadow Brush L: Full 143mm (5.63 in) Hair 18mm (0.7 in)
  • Eye Shadow Brush M: Full 138mm (5.43 in) Hair 13mm (0.51 in)
  • Eye Shadow Brush S: Full 135mm (5.31 in) Hair 10mm (0.39 in)
  • Each set comes in a paulownia box.
Yoshiki Series

'Yoshiki' Uematsu Fujimori is the founder of Koyudo and is regarded as one of the greatest master artisans in Kumano, the prestigious Fude brush-making region in Japan. The diverse releases of the namesake 'Yoshiki' series are overseen by the brushmaster himself.

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Japanese Fude makeup brushes are true treasures, and if looked after correctly, can last for many years. For instructions on washing and storage, we recommend following the instructions in the article below, which was developed in consultation with brush artisans.

Read: How to Wash & Care for your Fude Brushes

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Yoshiki Series

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Why Japanese Makeup Brushes?

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"We have split up the brush-making process into smaller steps so that it is easier to master one step. There are about 30 steps for calligraphy brushes, and 60 to 70 steps for makeup brushes," says Koyudo CEO, Takemi Tsuchiya.

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