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Tutorial: Subtle Rhinestone Eyes with Zulema Ramirez

Tutorial: Subtle Rhinestone Eyes with Zulema Ramirez

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Images and tutorial by: Zulema Ramirez

Zulema is a makeup artist in Guadalajara, Mexico. After an injury prevented her following a path as a professional track and field athlete, Zulema pursued her other love: makeup. Now, 10 years into her career, she works across editorial, social and bridal makeup, as well as teaching at her studio in Guadalajara.

In this tutorial, Zulema demonstrates another natural look with a fun twist, rhinestone. (Be sure to check out her other tutorial, Natural-Looking Colored Winged Eyes)

“Since Euphoria came out on Netflix, this kind of makeup has been popping more. To be honest, at the beginning, I didn’t know if I liked it or not, but these little rhinestones applied in a nice subtle way can give you a very nice different look – especially for anyone looking for a less classic look.”

To follow the video (in Spanish), please see the end of the post or Zulema's IGTV. 

Brushes used:


Products used:

  • MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork
  • MAC Warm Neutral Eyeshadow x 15 Palette
  • Rhinestone purchased online
  • DUO Eyelash glue



1. Apply your base makeup in your preferred way


2. Apply base eye color

With the Yoshiki Y-7, apply a neutral cream eyeshadow (such as MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork), removing excess product on the back of your hand before applying the product to the entire top/mobile eyelids, starting from the eyelash line and blending to the upper outer part of you eyes. 

This will function as an eye primer and will give a little bit of color. Move the brush in strokes up and out to extend and emphasize the eye. 

“This makeup brush enchants me, the shape it has is amazing. It's like a pencil-shape, very pointy, but also very sof. I’ve been using it a lot for my work with bridal looks to blend pencil eyeliner in a very precise way.”


3. Apply a dark shadow for depth

With the Yoshiki Y-8, apply a dark brown dark (such as Brew Brown from the MAC Warm Neutral Eyeshadow x 15 Palette), tap to remove the excess product and apply it to the outer third of the eye, extending outwards to create a lifting effect. 

“This kind of brush leaves the texture of application very soft, and I can be precise.”


4. Define

Using the Y-8 again, define the inner inner part of your eye by applying the leftover product on the brush along the eyelash line.

“The tip of the Yoshiki allows a lot of precision control and blends beautifully.”


5. Apply shadow to the creases

Once the eyeliner is applied, take the Chikuhodo T-11 Blending Brush and pick up a medium-brown eyeshadow (such as MAC Saddle), then apply along the crease of the eyes, moving your strokes along the crescent and extending a little outwards past the eye. This is a counter shape for the eye to create volume. 

“Where you apply the darkest eyeshadow gives a lot of depth. I just want to integrate and blend it with the other product”.


6. Finishing touches

After that, curl your eyelashes (if that’s part of your routine).

“I have a very nice serum for lashes and the difference is huge, they feel more healthy.”

Apply a little more eyeshadow in a copper shimmer (such as MAC Creative Copper) with Chikuhodo T-7 just in the middle of the eye. This for just a hint of light color in the blend.

Apply mascara starting in a zig-zag movement extending upwards. Wait for the first layer and wait for it to dry completely before applying the second layer. Zig-zagging helps to apply the mascara to each layer of the lashes. 


7. Apply the rhinestones

“I bought these rhinestones from Amazon, they come with a wax pencil to apply it and with it I will use eyelash glue to place it. (I’m using DUO glue).” 

Apply some glue in the back of your hand, grab your wax pencil and pick up some glue so you can place the iridescent glow in the inner part of the eye. You can also apply it with tweezers, if you prefer. 

Apply another one in the outer part of the eye. Align them well in both eyes and you are ready with your rhinestones shimmer. 

"Using small rhinestones will give you a little iridescent glow and still look very natural and chic”.


If you have any questions about this look, please get in touch with Zulema on her Instagram @zulemakeup


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