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Best Brush Sets for Gifting

Gifting a makeup brush set combines thoughtfulness with practicality, offering the perfect present for beauty enthusiasts. Each set provides a comprehensive toolkit for a complete makeup application, making it ideal for both novices expanding their collection and experts seeking quality and consistency. They encourage the recipient to experiment with different looks and techniques, fostering creativity in their makeup routine.

Many sets come in beautifully designed packaging that enhances the gifting experience, adding a touch of luxury and style. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just because, a makeup brush set is a versatile gift that caters to anyone who enjoys the art of makeup.


Z Series

First released in 2015, Chikuhodo's Z Series is renowned for brushes with superior quality, lightweight feel and incredibly soft natural bristles. This series is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, prefer softer bristles, or simply seek a touch of luxury in their makeup application.

“Chikuhodo's Z series is incredible, easily one of the best on the market. You can't go wrong with any of the brushes in this series!”
“Like the many reviewers of Chikuhodo Z series brushes, my overall experience was delight that the brush exceeded my expectations.”


FO Series Sets

First released in 2019, Chikuhodo pioneered for this bristle type, which quickly became one of their most popular collections. Encasing the soft and bouncy, salt-and-pepper-hued natural bristles is an elegant olive tinted aluminum ferrule, with a hard maple wood handle that rests smoothly in your hand.

"I absolutely LOVE this whole series. Fox hair is the best of both worlds. You get the softness of squirrel with the durability of goat. It also gives amazing color payoff while squirrel applies lightly. They wash easily and retain their shapes. I would repurchase any of those if needed. If you can swing it I highly recommend buying the whole series."


Takumi Series Sets

The Takumi series are made with the highest quality Saikoho goat hair, which is left un-dyed to bring out the feeling of the original texture, and keep the luminous white hue. The light and soft touch of the bristles feels like a gentle embrace for skin.

"All you will need for a full face of makeup. The brushes are extremely soft without losing functionality. Little to no effort to blend powders and cream products. Love it." 
“These brushes are perfect for cream products. Not too much product sinks into the brush. Wonderful blending. The case is fantastic, lightweight, protective and good looking.”


Long & Short Series

Bisyodo Long & Short Series brushes are renowned for their immaculate finish complete with elegant African Rosewood handles, ferrules plated with 24-carat gold, and silky high-quality bristles.

"I love this Bisyodo shorties set: beauty and softness is next level! Eyesight is poor I need to get close to see - I’m done banging mirror w/longer handles."
"So beautiful! Very soft and great at picking up product! Good balance and ease of use….love these. They came with a travel pouch so I will be taking these everywhere I need to go."


Grand Series

Released in July 2022, Bisyodo's divine Grand Series comprises 8 masterfully handcrafted makeup brushes, each with premium-quality gray squirrel bristles and elegant ebony wood handles, completed with ferrules plated with 24k gold.

"This is absolutely beautiful and luxurious set. It arrives beautifully packed in a keepsake box. The leather case is gorgeous. The quality of the brushes is outstanding."
"Lovely presentation. Soft squirrel bristles, very well made, and a beautiful ebony handle. Esthetically incredibly pleasing. The golden ferrule heightens the entire look, and it is a luxurious experience to use. The leather pouch is soft and supple."


Kakishibuzome & Yoshiki Sets

Koyudo's unique Kakishibuzome Series feature bristles dyed with persimmon, a traditional dyeing technique in Japan passed down since the Heian period (794 – 1185). Known as 'kakishibu', this method of dyeing imbues the bristles with a dusky hue as well as antibacterial properties. The handles are made from mizume-zakura (cherry wood), revered for its natural elegance and warmth. 

“This set of brush is absolutely gorgeous! I am a recent collector of Japanese make up brushes. The bristles are so soft to touch. The workmanship of this collection is impeccable!”
“I love my purchase, beautifully crafted with pride. I will treasure them.”


Cheri Series

Cheri is French for 'loved one'. This series is made with the highest quality sokoho goat bristles. The design of this brush has a natural feel, with the warmth of wood and a ferrule plated with pure silver. The finish is one similar to a beloved accessory.

"High quality brushes I really like all the brushes. They do not shed at all. They are firm and soft at the same time."
"The Sokoho hair is lovely, much softer than I was expecting but still able to pickup baked gelee formulas and blend them out beautifully."


Brush Sets

Koyomo brushes are made with aged goat bristles ('ko' means old, 'yomo' means goat) dating back to the 1970s. Extremely rare and difficult to obtain these days, Koyomo boasts the largest stock in the world. These bristles are revered for their particularly smooth texture, durability and luminescence.


Gift Sets

Chikuhodo offer a collection of sets designed for gifting, with 3-5 brushes ranging from more affordable to the more luxurious.

"This is such a beautiful set!! Almost too dainty and gorgeous to use but the bristles are super soft and they're perfect for carrying around. Will make heads turn for sure!" (BR-8 Set)
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