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Chikuhodo 5-Brush Makeup Brush Set S-16

This perfect beginner set includes a cheek brush, two eyeshadow brushes, eyebrow brush/comb, lip brush and a matching case. Brushes are available exclusively in this set (not sold separately). 


Set includes: 


Cheek Brush

Brush length: 135mm
Bristle length: 35mm
Bristle type: Sokoho goat
Shape: Round-flat

Eyeshadow Brush

Brush length: 114mm
Bristle length: 14mm
Bristle type: Horse
Bristle shape: Round-flat

Tip Brush

Brush length: 107.5mm
Bristle type: Urethane

Brush and Comb

Brush length: 130mm
Bristle type: Horse


Lip Brush

Brush length: 109mm
Bristle length: 9mm
Bristle type: Weasel
Bristle shape: Flat


Brush case

Synthetic leather
Size when folded: 165 x 75mm

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