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For all your applying, buffing and setting concealer needs!

We've pulled together a list of the brushes our customers love using for concealer, along with their reviews, to help you with your brush decisions and use. 

Please note, not all are recommended by the makers for use with cream and liquid products (such as silver fox or gray squirrel bristles) due the delicateness of the bristles, so this is a personal choice. You can read more about our tips for brush care here

Chikuhodo G-10 Liquid Brush

With this brush, you can apply liquid and cream makeup quickly and with less amount of product than a sponge. The soft bristles glide over your skin and don't miss any details, leaving a smooth and natural finish. You can also use the curves of the brush to apply highlight and shading. Bristles: Sokoho goat. Bristle length: 21mm. Brush length: 115mm


Little piece of wonder. When I ordered this brush I was not expecting it to be so small for a foundation brush. So I found a different use for it. This brush, however, is the best at blending concealer and foundation under the eyes and doing touchups around the nose.

Marlena-Ann Seki, United States 

Is a small brush, has a blurring effect I think, also applies foundation with a good coverage. Being small it takes time to apply all over the face. I think is good for concealer, sculpting or details also. 

 Valentina B., Romania


Chikuhodo G-12 Liquid Brush

With this brush, you can apply liquid foundation quickly and with less amount of liquid foundation. Its soft bristle is perfect for applying foundation; It will not miss even the smallest detail and texture of your skin! It'll give you clear natural finish with ease. You can also use the curves of the brush to apply highlight/shading. Bristles material: Weasel. Bristle length: 21mm. Full length: 115mm

Brilliant. This foundation brush is just brilliant. I use it to spread my foundation and then I buff with another brush ( PF4 ) for a speedy process. The bristles are perfectly shaped, very soft and smooth around the edges, there is no scratch feeling on the skin, the brush is small in length but I love it as I usually hold my brushes closer to the ferrule, if you prefer longer handle you could try the GSN series. The gold opal handle jus so beautiful, as a size comparison this is the length of half of my palm. Small but mighty this type of brush works great with placing pigmented cream products on the face, it is also great for thick creamy concealers as well as applying light base to the skin. I also use this to clean up around the edges of the eyes.

Ana, UK


Chikuhodo T-6 Large Eyeshadow Brush, Takumi Series

The soft, voluminous bristles of this eyeshadow brush are designed for easy, smooth application of eyeshadow over a large area of eyelid. It's great for a one-and-done application of color and blending transitions. But not only is this large eyeshadow brush is not just a match made in heaven for the fluffy eyeshadow brush lovers out there, but is a real multi-tasker. Spot contour, buffing out cream and liquid concealer, setting under-eye concealer, cheekbone highlights - you name it. Bristle hair: Saikoho goat hair Bristle shape: Round Bristle length: 23mm Brush length: 138mm


Great brush. This is my second best favourite brush from the T series. I use this mainly to buff creamy/liquid concealer and buffing the edges highlighter around the cheek area. If I want a one colour and done on the eyes this is also great, however I personally find it quite dense and prefer flatter brushes for a wash of colour, I also have quite small eyes so I do find It a bit large for preference. All in all, I think this is a lovely brush and one that I would definitely recommend.

Ana, UK

Great multipurpose brush. I was looking for a detail brush for concealer and powder. I have dry skin and only use the smallest amount of pressed powder. This is a great brush for both. Its slightly flattened almond shape gets in all the weird curves under my eye and the brush softness is ideal for that sensitive area. Would recommend.

Anonymous, United States


Chikuhodo Z-10 Eyeshadow Brush

A super-soft, super-pointy pencil brush that can pick up a solid amount of pigment and can deliver it in precise application. It's great for crease color, as well as blending and diffusing shadows. Bristles: Gray Squirrel. Bristle length: 13-16mm Ferrule base: 7mm. Brush length: 125mm

AMAZING. This is such an amazing little brush, it is great for smudging eyeliner, point concealing I can even use it for a diffusing around the edges. It is also very light and compact so it fits in my makeup bag very easily.

Ana, UK

Koyudo Pistachio Wood Eyeliner, Lip & Concealer Brush

These natural walnut wood handle of these brushes have a warm, earthy appeal. A balance of elegance and wholesomeness, not only do they look appealing and feel soft in your hands, but wood is also revered for its calming properties. Known for its rarity and high quality, Kolinsky bristles provide just the right amount of strength to create sharp, precise lines. Perfect as a lip and concealer brush. Full Length: 110mm. Bristle Length: 10mm. Bristle Shape: Flat. Bristle Material: Kolinsky

Fantastic little brush. Love using this for detail work!

Victoria D



Mizuho CMP563 Concealer Brush

Super-fine synthetic hair bristle works well for covering small stains and spots, precisely depositing the concealer where you want them. Bristle material: PBT Length: 134mm. Bristle Length: 9mm. Bristle Thickness: 5mm.

Great for pinpoint concealing. This synthetic haired brush is a perfect tool for concealing tiny blemishes or discolouration. The bristles are quite stiff and the shape is pointed which is really helpful for depositing the right amount of product on the imperfections. It can be easily cleaned, even with harsher cleansers (to ensure that it stays hygienic). Highly recommended if you suffer from random blemishes!

Carolin, Germany



Chikuhodo R-S1/RR-S1 Eyeshadow Brush, Regular Series

This eyeshadow brush is dedicated to easy, smooth application of eyeshadow by focusing on shape of the bristle tip. Enjoy the soft, airy touch of this brush. Eye lids will brighten up in beautiful colors with this Eyeshadow brush. Bristle material: Horse. Bristle length: 20mm. Brush length: 140mm

Good line of workhorse brushes. A large boi of an eyeshadow brush - I mostly use it for one-shadow looks or to pat down my eyeshadow primer/get the last bits of concealer under the eyes to keep them from creasing. A great size large eyeshadow/small face brush. Super versatile. I have a couple other brushes from this line and I like them all a lot.

Mari, US


Chikuhodo KZ-04 Cheek Brush, Kazan-Homare Series

Under eye powder and highlight. This one is great for setting concealer under the eyes. It fits perfectly and it just floats across your skin. Also great for highlight.

Valentina B., Romania



Chikuhodo F0-2 Foundation Brush, Silver Fox Series

The FO Series is the industry's first natural makeup brush made with silver fox bristles. The softness is comparable to gray squirrel, with the strength of goat hair. The top has a wide tip, which ensures foundation attaches tightly to the skin. Hair material: Silver Fox. Shape: Round. Full length: 131mm. Hair length: 21mm

Perfect little foundation brush I know the brush description recommends this for powder foundation, but I’ve been using this with creams and liquids with great success. After owning the FO-4 and FO-6 for a couple months, using the FO-6 frequently with cream/jelly shadows and putting both brushes through several washes, I came to the conclusion that silver fox bristles do not need to be babied like squirrel.

So I picked this bad boy up as a natural hair alternative to your Sigma F80 type buffing foundation brush. Silver fox bristles are interesting because on the skin, they feel and have the resistance of the highest quality synthetic bristles - but elevated. Sometimes even the nicest synthetic buffing brushes will irritate my skin, and unfortunately I get little use of cult faves like Koyudo Fu-Pa02 and Chikuhodo GSN-5 because they feel scratchy. This FO-2 gives me a perfect experience. The bristles are so soft and dense, and the finished effect is streak free and even. With goat/synthetic buffers I have to pick up another smaller brush to blend in concealer, but the FO-2 is so soft that I just wedge the brush over my eyes and into the nooks around the nose to get those crevices blended. 

I am a bit afraid of endorsing this for liquids because obviously bristle decay occurs over years and there’s no way for me to definitively say that my application technique won’t be problematic in the future. But I am sharing that this is how I use this brush, and I absolutely love it : )





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