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Koyudo SF Highlighter Brush, Makie Sakura Design Red Handle SF-CHCB (Limited)

This gorgeous highlighter brush by Koyudo is made with the silver fox bristles, renowned for their exquisite softness with a slight bounce in the tip similar to that of a squirrel-goat blend.


The bristles have been carefully selected of the best quality materials in silver and black hues, to create a natural shimmer. The handle is made with cherry blossom wood, decorated with a sakura design in traditional Makie lacquerware, a technique that conveys an image of luxury and prestige in Japan.  


This brush comes in a Paulownia wood box. 


Please note, this brush is handmade to order and will shipped from the end of October. If you are ordering other brushes, they will be shipped together with the Koyudo SF Highlighter Brush.



Bristle material: Silver fox
Bristle shape: Slanted
Full length: 130mm
Bristle length: 37mm


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