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Koyudo Fude Gushi No.5 (Comb for Makeup Brush) / M

How to use
Wash your makeup brush with warm water and comb the bristles gently from the root to the tip while the bristles are wet. Do not stick the comb into the bristles at 90 degrees as it will damage the bristles such as breaking off the hair. Make sure to tilt the comb to approximately 60 degrees.
Then, groom the tip of hair gently with your fingers and hang the brush vertically with its bristles facing down. Do not leave the wet brush laying horizontally.
*Do not use this comb for brand-new brushes with firm bristles or dry bristles.
*Do not use for your hair.
*Do not use for brushes with color dyed bristles.

Material handle: Wood
Length of comb: 65mm
Full length: 155mm

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