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Houkodou ShamPlus Brush Cleaner GG-2

Keeping your skin clean has always been important, and particularly now during Covid times. This means it's also important to keep brushes that come in contact with your skin in good condition.

Keep your brushes clean with this innovative formula by Houkodou, Brush Shan Plus. A specialised brush shampoo that uses natural plant-derived detergents to remove product and face oils.

Unlike other detergents on the market, this shampoo is non-silicone, non-alcoholic, and contains collagen. It quickly rinses out the silicones contained in many cosmetics and leaves bristles shiny and in their naturally prime condition.

Ingredients: Collagen containing non-silicone shampoo
Volume: 120ml (approx 40 uses of 3 pushes each)
Note: Please wash twice if stains are severe. Dry naturally, not in direct sunlight or with a hair dryer.


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