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Houkodou Moe Flat Eyeshadow Brush P-S4

General brush with softness and good powder coverage.


Moe Series

Moe Series brushes have handles of pastel pink with a pearl finish, complemented with silver ferrules. 



Houkodou celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2020, making the company one of the oldest and most respected Fude producers in Japan. Attention to detail and quality control is at the heart of all their brushes, with no compromise for perfection. Every brush is made by hand using traditional Kumano techniques such as sorting and hand-bundling bristles, and leaving bristle tips uncut for a soft touch and good product pickup.


Brush length: 147mm 
Bristle length: 16mm
Bristle width: 9mm
Bristle material: Horsehair

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