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Eihodo Oil Blotting Paper from Toji Temple, Kyoto (T-500 x 4 sets)

Oil blotting paper from Toji Temple, Kyoto.


Case dimensions: 97mm x 97mm
Paper dimensions: 88mm x 88mm
Material: Hemp fibre
Contains: 4 sets x 40 sheets


Oil-blotting paper

In Japanese, aburatori-gami (oil-absorbing face paper) is a popular beauty product. When placed on the skin, it removes excess sebum without disturbing the makeup underneath. Eihodo’s blotting paper is made of carefully selected earth-friendly hemp. It is a high-grade pure washi (traditional Japanese paper) made by a mechanical method through a process similar to producing gold leaf. The fine fibers of Eihodo's washi paper are incredibly soft and smooth to the touch and provide outstanding absorbency. The size of the product is also convenient for carrying around, and comes in 3 different sizes, to suit your preference.

This particular paper is known as Kyoto Toji no Aburatori-gami, blotting paper from the famous five-pagoda Toji Temple in Kyoto, which is depicted on the case. Oil blotting paper is a particular souvenir of Kyoto. 



From Eihodo

“At first glance, all aburatori-gami may look the same, but there are few products that use pure Japanese paper. The sebum will not be absorbed unless the same kind of pressure is applied to this thin paper as was applied to gold leafed paper in the Edo period. If you dip the end of the ordinary oil-absorbing paper in water, as with tissue, it immediately absorbs the water by capillary action. However, this is not enough to absorb sebum. Only when the fiber is crushed, it will absorb not only water, but oil. Just one sheet of oil-absorbing paper can help you fix your makeup.”



Based in Osaka, Eihodo brushes are made by a Kumano brush workshop dating back more than 170 years.


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