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Eihodo MI-245 Combed Eyebrow Scissors (Stainless Steel)

Eihodo MI-245 Combed Eyebrow Scissors (Stainless Steel)

Even if you use both hands of comb and scissors, which was troublesome, you can easily cut the eyebrows with one hand while combing with comb. The metal comb keeps the hair well and firmly standing. Since the selected hair does not spill in the middle and is hard to move, it will be cut to the same length and the finish will be improved by several steps. In addition, the thinness of the comb is also a big point, and it is an excellent item that makes it very easy to scoop up sleeping eyebrows. It is easy to check the length of the hair and the cut part can be seen well.

Total length: 120mm
Comb part: 24mm
Handle material: ABS resin

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