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Chikuhodo Mens: SH-3 Brow / Brush & Comb set with Wooden stand

High-end Brow brush/brush & comb set with ebony wood. Bristle come with good volume and density. The hand is made of natural ebony wood, with a firm grip and good weight for easy application. This set comes with the wooden stand made of same ebony wood as brush handle.


This set includes:
SH-7 Brow Brush
Hair: Water badger/badger
Bristle length: 10/7.5mm
Brush length: 145mm
Shape: Slanted
Handle material: Ebony wood

SH-8 Brush & Comb
Hair: Horse dyed in Tanuki color
Brush length: 145mm
Handle material: Ebony wood

Brush stand material: Ebony wood

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