Chikuhodo Kazan Set, Homare "Honor" Series


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The Kazan Cheek Brush (KZ-4) is currently in production and is expected early February 2021. If you would like to pre-order the set, please contact


Delicate, soft, and slightly wavy Kazan squirrel bristles are excellent for powder application. 


Chikuhodo Kazan Homare "Honor" Series 
Chikuhodo's Kazan Homare "Honor" Series is the newest release by the prestigious makeup brush artisan from Kumano region of Japan. The handle is made of granadillo wood, which has a beautiful grain and smooth texture. 

*Please note, this brush is very delicate natural hair, so please handle it with tender love and care.


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KZ-2 Cheek Brush
KZ-3 Cheek/ Highlight Brush
KZ-4 Cheek Brush
KZ-5 Highlight Brush
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