Chikuhodo Facial Cleansing Brush, Pink (FA-6)


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The natural bristles of this Cleansing Brush lather a light and creamy foam, working efficiently to remove dirt, deeply clean pores, and gently massage the skin. Your face will be left looking fresh and feeling firm. 

How to use

Place a face-wash foam (or soap) on your palm and lather it with a wet face-wash brush. Gently wash your face gently and gently.


After-use care

After use, rinse brush until clean, squeeze gently then leave to dry thoroughly in a ventilated place. 


Please note

For people with especially sensitive skin, it is recommended to use once daily or every second day, or as your suits your skin. 


Hair: Sokoho Goat
Bristle shape: Candle 
Bristle length: 85mm
Brush length: 40mm