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Chikuhodo AF-1 Powder/ Blush Brush, AF Series

The 100% animal-free synthetic fibers of Chikuhodo's AF Series recreates the delicate touch of Chikuhodo's highest grade bristles. The AF fibres are designed to have tiny cuticle and crimps to recreate texture and feel of natural hair. They use corn-based material to make it eco-friendly, and have silver is sewn into the fiber to make it antimicrobial. 

Chikuhodo developed this range of animal-free, synthetic fiber brushes in response to the demand for non-animal hair makeup brushes. The bristles in this series use plant-based synthetic fibers blend that is designed to create soft but firm touch, and easy-to-use quality.


Bristles: Synthetic fiber
Bristle Shape: Flat round
Bristle size: 48mm

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