For Valentine's Day in February 2021, we asked our customers and followers why they love Japanese makeup brushes, here's what they said:



They are so much more than a brush. They're history in your hands. The culmination of generations of artisan work that produced the perfect tool.

Anon, Mexico 


The elegance, craftsmanship, tradition, beauty and pride of Fude in each of the brushes are appreciated each time I use my brushes.

Anon, USA


I love fude because using brushes like these is part of my self-care. I find the process of applying makeup and even caring for my brushes incredibly relaxing and almost ritualistic and meditative. It's my me time, allowing me to focus on the process of makeup application or brush care while rediscovering products that I love, and appreciating the careful workmanship that goes into each brush.

Joey, United States


I love how luxurious and beautiful they are. They are truly a work of art that are functional. They apply makeup in a natural and flawless way with a specific hair type for each function. Each time I use a Japanese Fude brush I feel special and like I am applying makeup with a soft work of art. They are so soft and unique. I know that each brush has a process of hard work , thoughtfulness and love into it.

Anon, USA


LOVE the craftsmanship that goes into these fude brushes. The designs are usually so beautiful. Also the way they feel on the skin is mesmerizing. Overall, fude brushes make my makeup process so luxurious and such an experience!

Kathy, USA


I have always appreciated how a great paint brush with quality bristles applies color to a canvas. That appreciation merely shifted to makeup as I got older, and fude brushes are simply the ultimate incarnation! Plus they just feel sooooo nice!!!

Kristine, United States


I love that the handle is almost as important as the bristles. When you use a brush it should be a working tool that helps you achieve the goal. But to hold something beautiful in your hand, get to look at it, and as use it makes these art objects as well. I love displaying my brushes just a much as using them.



I love how soft the bristles are. I have dry, sensitive skin. The Fude brushes I have never irritate me.

Sheila Dunbar, USA


I appreciate all the work that goes into making one brush. I love how beautiful they are outside but also the craftsmanship behind it makes it even more special



I dreamed of trying the Chikuhodo S-FO Silver Fox brushes and could not find them in the states. Searching the internet, I stumbled upon Fude. My husband gifted me the set. I was shocked & delighted. These brushes have the perfect hold, size and weight for me. They pick up the perfect amount of product, fit the contours of my face, and are a joy to use. Gentle on my sensitive skin. Fude has fast shipping & I never worry about the product arriving. My husband has surprised me a few times & feels confident ordering from here. The selection is great & often when I am searching for a particular brush, Fude has it. Thank you Someday, I hope to be able to indulge to a brush festival in Japan.

Amy, USA


I love the entire experience of using fude! The brushes are not only beautiful, but superior quality. It's such a treat to use them each morning when applying my makeup for the day. A wonderful form of self care and love. I love knowing how much care and craftsmanship went into each and every brush.

Sofia P, USA


I think japanese brushes are the best brushes.

Anon, Israel 


Japanese brushes are very high quality with natural bristles 

Semion, Israel 



Tal, Israel 


I love knowing that it took many skilled artisans to create a single brush, and this story is evident in the quality and performance of each brush. My fude never fail to give a smooth finish without tugging or irritating my skin, I love them all!



I like how it feels on my skin! Not only that, it does not irritate my skin like those cheap brushes that I used to buy :)

Anon, Australia 


I absolutely love Fude, I love they are hand bundled by artisans, that transitional techniques are passed down through generations. I love the experience of applying my makeup with these superbly constructed brushes, it gives me a sense of ritual when I use them. I love handling them even when I’m not applying cosmetics, just to touch them and run my fingers through the hair is a sensory delight.

Siobhan, New Zealand @mizsiobhan 


Their beauty. Their history. Their luxurious feel. My fude brush collection makes me feel so happy. ♥️ 



I love fude for so many different reasons! The feel of them against my skin, the amount of time and effort the artisans put into making each and every one by hand, they just scream luxury and I love it 

Sonya, USA


I love Fude for its beauty, SOFTNESS, craftsmanship and artisan of it all!!!

Anon, United States 


I have sensitive mature eyes, I had problems using regular brushes. Synthetic brushes didn’t pickup enough pigment and machine cut natural brushes are extremely painful. Fude brushes give me saturated color, beautiful blending and absolutely no irritation. Fude brushes don’t pull, drag or stick. And Fude foundation brushes leaves just the right amount of foundation on my skin because they absorb some of the product.. They are so well constructed. With proper care, they have lasted me for years! 

S. King, USA 


I feel more exquisite and beautiful when using my Chikuhodo Kazan Homare brushes. This series is heavenly and luxurious; applying my makeup feels like I am painting my face with silk, which reminds me of my childhood, when I would watch my grandmother as she “put her face on” as she would say. Her makeup routine seemed so glamorous. I have vivid memories of her powdering her face with a soft fluffy round brush and gliding classic red lipstick across her lips with a long thin lip brush. Even though she is no longer with me, I am reminded of her everyday when I use my Fude brushes! 

Anon, USA 


How I love Japanese Fude brushes..let me count the ways..from their softness, beautiful craftsmanship and wonderful application of make up ..they take make up application from mundane to an experience I wish all could enjoy.

Kimberly, USA  


Honestly, my love extends beyond just brushes. Even as a child, I always loved Japanese history, art, mythology, etc. It just happened to work out that my love of beauty and makeup would coincide with my appreciation of Japanese works and craftsmanship. When using my Fude brushes, I feel as if I'm really creating art with my makeup application. There is a level of tranquility and immense pleasure that is difficult to quantify whenever I pick up a brush and put it to my face. It's like I, myself, am an extension of the artistic process by simply utilizing these wonderfully and meticulously crafted tools; I'm using something beautiful to complement and enhance my own beauty. And I believe it is an understatement to emphasize how powerful such an experience can provide. 

Dana, USA


It makes me feel very pampered when putting my face on in the morning. 


The beautiful craftsmanship and intricate detailing on some of the brushes are breathtaking

Ashleigh, Canada @miss.amt 

Desde muy temprana edad he sentido admiración por la cultura japonesa, y de igual modo , por el mundo del maquillaje y belleza, Con estas brochas se aúnan ambas pasiones, quizá algún pueda tener el privilegio de visitar en persona la fabricación de las mismas, mientras tanto, disfrutaré de estas auténticas obras de arte en mi ciudad natal , España, Agradecida a Fude Beauty por la posibilidad que nos brinda con cada una de sus colecciones de estas magníficas brochas que hacen del maquillaje una experiencia sensorial. Un cordial saludo, Francisca

Francisca G A , Spain


I love that a crafts person made my brushes by hand. That the design of the handle and how it felt in the hand is just as important as making a quality brush that applies makeup beautifully. I am also a painter. So, its especially lovely to know that these crafts people make the best paint brushes in the world as well. 

Petrina, USA 

My love of Fude began once I started my journey with luxury makeup. I have extremely sensitive skin and have always have had issues with synthetic brushes either being too big or too small and typically a shape that didn’t work for me. Once I stumbled upon the YouTube channels of Mel Thompson, Kelsey Briana J and Kinky Sweat I became intrigued by their love of Fude and how the different animal hair types really affect makeup application. My first Fude purchase was the Sonia G Pro Eye set and then I quickly dived into Chikuhodo since I came across their blue squirrel brushes. This was it for me! I finally found what I had been looking for in regards to performance and application! I think Fude is a beautiful art and it allows me to really enjoy the process of applying makeup and artistry.

Stephanie O., USA 


I fell in love with the craftsmanship and designs, each brush is so special and unique in its purpose. Before learning about fude, I mostly used drugstore brand brushes and my looks would never look quite finished. Now I have the tools I love that will last for years and give me the looks I want to achieve.

Judy, USA jade.li@gmail.com

The quality and craft of each brush is like a work of art! The precision of the hair fiber bundling, shaping and care taken with preserving the delicate tips of the natural hair brushes creates a makeup application that is seriously next level. You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried a fude brush.

Derrick, USA 


At my most recent Dr. visit I was told to "do something nice for yourself". I had my eye on the brushes for some time now. I did a lot of research and I entertained the thought of purchasing Sonia G brushes but I fell in love the wood used in my brushes, it is warmer. Not being a young woman, I still possess self pride and never had the opportunity to own such beautifully crafted brushes, there was always someone who was in need of something more important, as mothers we always put the needs of others first. I chose the brushes simply because of the sheer beauty, as we age our beauty fades and what remains is hopefully a heart filled with love, with no regrets. The brushes represent a beauty, that is never fading, lovingly crafted with pride. I know I will use and treasure them. Arigatō 

Beverly, USA


My love for Fude brushes began about 6 months ago. It began with Wayne Goss brushes then Sonia G, recently I purchased my first Chikuhodo and Hakuhodo brushes as well. I admire each brush for its craftsmanship and how long it takes it create just one brush at a time. It truly is an experience when I apply my makeup with Fude brushes and makes it so enjoyable. Once you purchase your first Fude brush there’s no going back! 

Krystle, United States Krysros09@aol.com


Knowing that each brush was carefully crafted, and that no 2 brushes of the same type will be exactly the same, and knowing that using these brushes keeps alive a tradition tgat runs deep for generations of artisan families, I feel honored to own these beautiful fude, and love how I can feel the craftsmanship each time I hold a brush in my hand and use it. It was love at first swipe <3 

Joan, Singapore