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"Buying fude for the sake of comparison and brush science. California."

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Fude Q&A

How did you discover Fude brushes?

My dad gave me a trio set of mystery brushes. The best we can figure, the brush set was probably a gift from someone to my mom. She doesn’t use brushes to apply her makeup so the set ended up in storage somewhere. When the set was rediscovered, it was given to me. The brush case was gross (stiff plastic folio) but I was so taken with the brushes, I scoured the internet for information. I wanted to learn anything I possibly could (but especially how/where to buy more of these awesome brushes). I started my search with the only clue I had: the brand name printed on the handles. I learned that the brushes in my hands had a specific name: fude. The brushes that were given to me were kind of old so I bought some new ones to compare. As they say, the rest is history. I’ve been buying fude “for the sake of comparison and brush science” since!

What do you like about Fude brushes?

Fude feel great, perform amazingly and are meant to last. Not forever, but for a significant amount of time. That durability is only one facet of what sets fude brushes apart from mainstream brushes: the consideration put into the design of fude. There are the obvious details such as the hair composition, bristle density, and length of the brush head. Then there are other components that make a quality fude stand out: tip shape, glue type, handle material, color and finish, balance point of the brush. Exacting attention to detail results in a highly functional and durable tool that enhances the performance of makeup products and increases the enjoyability of the process of applying makeup. 

Can you name your top 3-5 brushes, and why?

>> Chikuhodo T-5 Highlight Brush: Very multifunctional cheek brush that is suitable for every skin type. The unique pressed flame shape results in a variety different surfaces that translate into the ability for this brush to handle a multitude of functions. Use this brush with setting powder, blush, highlight, and shading. Bonus: The goat hair is very easy to take care of.
>> Chikuhodo FO-2 Foundation Brush: Gives an incredible skin like finish to foundation (slightly glossy with a glow, but matte enough that you can skip powder) with great, medium coverage. Soft as a velour puff but with a dense plushness that makes you want to massage your face with it, sans foundation. It was love at first application and I am still obsessed.
>> Koyomo Pink Pearl Nadeshiko Cheek Brush: The pink pearl is an EXCELLENT value. The hairs feel so soft and creamy. The brush practically applies and blends cheek color for you. If you are a fan of round cheek brushes, this is a must have. If you are not a fan of round cheek brushes, this one may just change your mind. Why not take a chance?
>> Mizuho MB133 Eyeliner Brush: If you apply eye liner on the regular, you need this brush. Actually, you’ll need several so that you’ll have a fresh one to use while the others are washed and drying. Remember the Shu Uemura Eyebrow counters that would sharpen the eyebrow pencils so that the tip shape resembled the blade of a sword? This allowed clients would achieve fine, hair-thin strokes. Similarly, this blade-like brush allows you to achieve the most delicate and precise lines. Thanks to the angle, you can hold it up to your face and the mirror in a very ergonomic manner while applying liner for maximum control.
>> Houkodou G-S2If you’re only going to get one eye shadow brush, get this one. It’s an all in one. It’s soft and gentle, yet capable of intense color lay down. It blends like a dream. It can be used to intensify details such as the outer corners or crease, smudge the lashline like a pencil brush, and apply highlights to strategic areas of the eye. The one problem with this brush if that you’re going to want to own more than one.

Do you have any advice for people starting out with Fude?

>> Start by analyzing the needs of your typical make-up routine and your most used makeup products. Pick the brushes to best help achieve the effects that you want and facilitate makeup application.
>> There’s no such thing as too much research. Don’t be afraid to be ask questions. Ask many questions and cross check your information.
>> If possible, find a fude lover who is similar to you. Consider the following criteriaLifestyle: Are they super busy with 5-7 minutes a day max to apply make up? They’ll probably have a very efficient routine and easy to maintain tools to match. Do they travel all the time? They’ll probably have a set of compact and very versatile set that they can use for a large variety of looks. Are they an artist that expresses their creativity regularly and frequently? They’ll probably have some very interesting, specialized brushes that you didn’t know you needed until now.Skin type:Are they oily, dry, combination? Sensitive or normal? Do you have a lot of texture such as lines, acne, or pores?Make Up Style:Do you focus your time on foundation/base, eye-makeup, or face/cheek? Do you do very detailed makeup with a lot of layers? Do you need your makeup to last for a very long time or moderate amount of time? Do you need your makeup to feel comfortable or last (and last, and last)?Make Up Formula Preferences: Do you use mostly creams, liquids, gels, pressed powders, baked powders, etc? Do you prefer your makeup finish to be shiny, matte, or satin?Keep in mind that preferences can shift over time, the blogger you are following or yours due to lifestyle changes and natural processes.

How did you get into makeup?

Do you have favorite makeup artists that you look up to? As a child, I got my start by sneaking into my mom’s makeup pouch and playing with the products inside. One day, I was startled. She had come home earlier than I expected so I had to scramble to put everything away and hide any evidence of trespassing! That did not go as planned. I still remember the guilt from accidentally smashing a partially retracted lipstick with the cap (it was an Estee Lauder red in the classic, fluted tube).

Do you have favorite makeup artists that you look up to?

Kevyn Aucoin, Lisa Eldridge, Alex BoxKevin, James Bennett, Marie Dausell, John Maclean