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Fude Q&A

How did you discover Fude brushes?

I started to learn on YouTube about makeup and Fude and was so impressed when I tried them.  It became an obsession. At the same time I was starting my YouTube channel and realized there was a need for more Fude content. My channel unexpectedly became about makeup brushes and it’s been my passion ever since. 

What do you like about Fude brushes?

I love how beauty and artistry combines with performance and function.  I’m ethnically Japanese so it allows me to feel closer to my culture.  I like that I get to share not only my passion for Fude but the beauty and uniqueness of the Japanese culture. 

Can you name your top 3-5 brushes, and why?

Too many to narrow down but anything from the Bisyodo long series such as the B-P-01, and the Hakuhodo mixed hair brushes like the B512. The Houkodou GS-2 should be in everyone’s collection!

Do you have any advice for people starting out with Fude?

To remember that you’re not only buying a makeup tool- but a peice of art made my hand from an ancient tradition.  During the Samurai period, the Katana was the epitome of function meets artistry. I think of them this way. 

How did you get into makeup?

I’ve always loved makeup- since I was a child playing with my moms makeup collection.  Now that we have social media- there’s no need to attend makeup school or work at a makeup counter to learn this craft and I fully take advantage of this.