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Lexi Jong

Avid Fude collector and content creator.
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Fude Q&A

How did you discover Fude brushes?

Fude brushes had been on my wishlist for years but deciding what to be my first purchase was a challenge! I read Sonia G's blog regularly and when she launched her brushes, I made my first purchase. I was hooked on the quality and performance. From there I started branching out into other brands such as Chikuhodo and Koyudo. 

What do you like about Fude brushes?

The high quality and performance of Fude brushes is what first drew my attention but after learning more about the brushes, I fell in love with the history and culture surrounding the Fude industry. The time-honored techniques and handmade construction make each brush feel special. 

Can you name your top 3-5 brushes, and why?
  • Chikuhodo KZ-6: Incredible softness and performance! This brush fits my eye socket perfectly for one and done eye looks. It delivers and evenly distributes the perfect amount of powder. -
  • Kyureido Kiwami Cheek Brush KK-002: Soft and luxurious, this brush brings a smile to my face with every stroke. Highly pigmented blushes are softly applied to the skin and can be gradually built up for a natural finish.
  • Koyudo F-04 (formerly FUPA03): This was the first foundation brush I ever truly loved! It's synthetic and works well with creams, liquids, and powders. Its versatility and performance won me over. 
  • Sonia G Soft Shader: This is a classic shader style eye brush. I love the size and shape of it along with how the bristles softly flow over my eyelid yet do not splay out. Creams, liquids, and powders can be applied with this brush and the flat nature minimizes fallout of shimmer shades. 
  • Chikuhodo FO-4: This angled fox hair brush is incredibly soft yet it packs a punch! I love this brush for bronzer and blush but the tip also works for highlighter. The angled shape allows for varying perceived densities along the brush head allowing for adaptability to different levels of pigmentation.
Do you have any advice for people starting out with Fude?

I recommend starting out with a brush shape that is either a favorite or something missing from your collection. You don't need to spend a lot for a quality brush. If you want to experiment with different brush hairs, start with smaller brushes and see how they feel and perform on your skin. Read or watch a lot of reviews before purchasing and don't be afraid to ask questions! The Fude community is very welcoming and in my experience, always willing to help and offer suggestions. Finally, sometimes there is a brush that you can't stop thinking about - make it a priority if it fits into your budget. Usually those are the types of brushes that will become life-long favorites and truly worthwhile investments. It is better to have a few brushes you love and use regularly, than a larger collection that leaves you uninspired. 

How did you get into makeup?

I have always loved makeup since I was a young child and played with Tinkerbell makeup. I have gone through periods of time with different makeup passions such as only wearing mineral makeup for several years but for me, makeup is a form of self-expression and it is something that makes me feel happy. I love exploring the different textures and colors. Ultimately, the process of applying makeup gives me some time to myself where I can add a little luxury to my days. It is calming and allows me to have some creativity which is something that does not feature strongly in my daily activities. Makeup is self-care.

Do you have favorite makeup artists that you look up to?

I follow many makeup artists and there is always something I love from each artist. However, the first makeup artist that really caught my attention was Kevyn Aucoin. I remember buying his book when I was a teenager and being mesmerized by his work. Even today, you can see his work inspiring current makeup artists and his name is still consistently mentioned in the makeup industry.