By popular demand, we plan to release another exclusive limited production of the original Koyudo Fupa-02 Brush.

The variant of the Koyudo Fupa-02 has never previously been released. In 2017, Koyudo release a 'mini' version, which you can read about on CD Japan and on Sonia G's blog.

We'd like to hear your opinion. Each vote receives a ¥500 discount coupon off the next Fupa02 release, which we will emailed to you on completion of the poll.

Poll closes Tuesday 28th May (JST).

the prototype

Product Details

  • ¥6,600
  • Bristles: Goat (Hakutotsuho)
  • Brush length: 105mm
  • Bristle length: 27mm

First released in 2011, Koyudo's natural-bristle Fupa-02 came to be one of the brand's most-loved and cult-classic brushes. Able to be used with liquid, cream and powder products, the versatility and soft touch of the 100% goat-hair bristles made it a customer favorite.

In 2020, the model was replaced with a goat-PBT blend, and the original is now only available on occasion through limited releases (like now!).

Wooden handles are known for their calming aesthetic.