Fude Beauty Reviews

Now I know why everyone raves about this brush

The Chikuhodo Z-1 is beautiful, well-made, and super soft. It works perfectly with my finishing powder. The round shape makes it easy to buff the powder into my face. The bristles are soft, smooth, and felt like silk on my skin. I love it so much!

- Anne C, Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush



Pricy? Yes,  but worth the splurge! Z1 brush is a luxuriously soft powder brush that works well with must powders, specially with the  Guerlain Meteorites Pearls. fudebeauty.com is user friendly and my order took exactly one week. I was also able to track my order after  receiving their email.  The reason I give 4 stars is because I was expecting better packaging for such expensive brush; not a piece of cardboard in the envelope. Also it shed a few hairs the first time I used it, I hope it doesn't do it all the time!

- Emma O, Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush


Excellent brush

I am so impressed by quality of this brush. It apply foundation heavenly and it is perfect for my travel makeup bag. I have 2 because I love it so much.

- Liliana, Koyudo fu-pa02 Foundation Brush


Amazing brush

The quality of this brush is impressive. I use it for many purposes. Especially great for finishing powder. Love it.

- Lili, Koyudo fu-pa01 Soft Version


The softness brush I’ve ever had

I can’t believe how soft this brush is. It’s such a nice experience while using it. Sits perfectly in hand. Give beautiful finish with highlighter and bronzer. I adore this whole z series.

- Katarzyna, Z-2 Highlight Brush


Magical brush at a great price

After researching via You-tube, I finally placed my first order for genuine fude from Japan. I have dry mature sensitive skin and this brush is divinely soft. It easily picks up pigment from my powder blushes (Chanel and Surratt) and applies it faultlessly. I did not need to go back and buff or blend. Just laying the color down provides both precise placement with seamless diffused edges. It's magic! If you have been tempted by fude, this will not disappoint. This brush lives up to the hype. Also if you are hesitating in ordering from overseas, I can enthusiastically recommend Fude Beauty. I placed my order on Oct. 28, it shipped out on Oct. 30 and I received it on Nov. 12. Tracking is not as precise as what we experience for domestic USA shipments but considering the free shipping for orders over $100 and the extremely competitive pricing, it's a good tradeoff.

- teadivamuse, Chikuhodo T-4 Cheek Brush


Unique brush will spark joy

This gem from the Chikuhodo Takumi series is unique. Think of it as an oversized eyeshadow, one that can cover the entire lid surface from lash to brow in just a few swipes, great for laying down a neutral shadow as a primer. It also works as a great face detail brush for precise placement of contour, highlight, setting powder under the eyes, etc. The fibers are soft yet not mushy. The flattened oval shape and the perfect length of the hairs make this brush ultra responsive to the slightest change in pressure. It's just a joy to use. I have been curious to try fude but hesitated over the prices. By ordering direct from Japan, you can have your cake and eat it too. Service was prompt and reliable. Thank you for making such beautiful brushes available to US customers.

- teadivamuse, Chikuhodo T-6 Large Eyeshadow Brush


Gem eye brush

I am kind of a klutz when if comes to eyeshadow application so I need all the help I can get. This brush is upping my eye makeup game. Unlike many pencil brushes, this has a substantial base to support the pointed tip which adds to its precision. I short, this puts the color down exactly where you place it without the floppiness that cause the color to bleed. This is ideal for lower lash line, outer "V" placement or even as a crease brush if you have small eyes as I do. It is soft enough for my delicate sensitive mature skin. Another fabulous brush in the Takumi lineup. Love!

- teadivamuse, Chikuhodo T-8 Small Eyeshadow Brush


plushy luxury

This is a large, dense, plushy laydown shadow brush. Despite its milky softness the dense packing lends substance and structure to its functionality. I am low maintenance when it comes to shadow so this is perfect for me as a one color laydown and blending tool. However, you can also use just the tip for precision work as the hairs are so springy and resilient. No floppiness here. A really useful addition to my brush collection!

- teadivamuse, Chikuhodo Z-4 Cheek/Highlight Brush


soft hair, strong blending

Mizuho is not as well known in the US but this brush is a winner. As per the description, it is quite soft but provides superior blending capabilities. You can use good amount of pressure to get the gradation desired without hurting the sensitive eyelid area. This is a very good brush at a very good price.

- teadivamuse, Mizuho CMP527 Eyeshadow Brush


Silver fox

I got the fo-1 and fo-2 ,the hair is just beautiful silky, they are very small size and sheds a lot, especially the fo-1 ,but i like the fact that they really feels like squirrels hair but are a little bit stronger, in my opinion they perform like saikoho hair but feels softer, Now i wish if they make them bigger, and come  up more shapes ,i really love the hair i hope mine stop shedding, i don't know if i would order more, maybe the fo-1 ,but if they make more and different shapes, for sure i will,,

- Mimilove, Chikuhodo FO-1 Powder Brush


Buffing Beautifully!!

I am not sure what the description for this brush is, what it does for me is take my Meteorites finishing powder to the Best Level! This makes the end game of your makeup before setting spray, SEAMLESS. As an older, lifelong skin & beauty practitioner, this dense, soft brush blurs any stark differences on my face, this sweet, little brush makes a 50 year old feel good about loving taking care of herself. Buying another one, thank you Fude Beauty.

- Melanie, Koyudo fu-pa01 Soft Version


Small soft awesome brush

I love this brush it's just a perfect multitasking tool If you love beautiful white soft fluffy as a bunny tail brushes you will love this line this one is great ALSO GREAT SHIPPING. 

- Savannah, Chikuhodo T-4 Cheek Brush




- Savannah, Chikuhodo FO-4 Cheek/Highlight Brush


Bigger than it looks

Let me start by saying this brush is a lot bigger then it looks it is MIND BLOWING... I am so so happy with this it's one of my biggest brushes (fude) brushes yet and I am NOT DISAPPOINTED.... It's so soft and absolutely stunning to look at... I love it for powder and contour and bronzing it's just exquisite.... Also this company has awesome prices and stellar shipping!

- Savannah, Chikuhodo T-1 Powder Brush


Gorgeous brush for people with more lid space 

I have a lot.of lid space and some days I just like to pop on some natural eye shadow and go .... That's where this brush comes it It large and it blends in about 2 seconds like a dream I love it so much.

- Savannah, Chikuhodo T-6 Large Eyeshadow Brush


A gem

I love this brush for crease work and even nose contour it's absolutely stunning and it's extremely soft My jaw dropped when I finally got these brushes This whole like is JUST UNBELIEVABLE I LOVE!!

- Savannah, Chikuhodo FO-5 Eyeshadow Brush


My Holy Grail

After reading and watching reviews for fude all over the internet I knew I had to try this brush. It now holds a very special place in my heart, and my love of fude brushes continues to grow. The care and artistry involved in creating this tightly bundled silky soft egg shaped powder brush is apparent the moment you first use it. I love it for its ability to give a sheer and even wash of color to my face using my Hourglass ambient lighting powder. Fudebeauty.com has the easiest website to navigate and order from, as well as the best price for the brush itself. I’m so happy with my experience and the quality of this brush from Chikuhodo that I’ve ordered 2 more brushes from the FO silver fox series from the site.

- Sydney S, Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush


Great Experience

Chikuhodo eyeshadow brushes R-S1, R-S2, and RS3 I have just started using Japanese brushes and I must say that I find that they are exquisite. The craftsmanship is what makes them so unique and a delight to use.  The brushes are soft and they apply and distribute eyeshadow with varying intensities that are suitable to the various eye looks I wanted to achieve. I ordered the R-S1, S2, and S3 and I am glad I did.  It gave me options to work with based on the amount of coverage I needed and placed it exactly how I needed them to do. They have convinced me to expand my new collection and I am looking forward to trying out other brushes.  I also must say Fude Beauty processed my order beautifully. So now I am a devoted customer.

- Thannie, Chikuhodo Eyeshadow Brush, Regular Series


Who Knew

Now I know what the big deal is about Japanese makeup brushes.  I love this one and I am glad it comes with instructions on how to handle and care for them. The brush applies shadow broadly over the lid. I added coverage gradually while blending as needed. I have gotten so many compliments and I am so pleased to get them. I don't know if I will get the rest of the fox brushes because they are so delicate. I would be upset if I accidentally damaged them. So I do not know if a want a lot of brushes I have to be so careful with. I am now a Fude Beauty fan and love their selections of brushes to choose from.

- Thannie, Chikuhodo FO-5 Eyeshadow Brush


Sweet and soft brush

The brush is unlike anything that can be bought in stores in Australia. I cherish this brush for the quality and beauty in its design. Application of blush is very subtle and refined. It feels luxurious and soft. I have small features, the size of brush is right as it fits my cheekbones perfectly. Thank you to the Chikuhodo artists who make these beautiful brushes.

- Rebecca, Chikuhodo Cheek Brush, Regular Series