Thank you to all the entrants to our giveaways! Below are the winners for each so far. Stay tuned to our website, newsletter and Instagram account for future giveaways and competitions. 


2021 Winners

    2022 Winners

    • Fude Beauty Makeup Challenge (March): @c_library_
    • March Sakura Survey ($100 voucher): Carla, USA 
    • March Sakura Survey (Bisyodo brush): Lisa Sam, France
    • March Sakura Survey (Fude Beauty x Nakamura Seisakusho Case): Yolanda Goncalves, Spain
    • Fude Beauty Pride Month Giveaway @colorsnpaint
    • July Survey Giveaway: Chloé Daffos, Emily Kin and Adile Mustafa
    • November Unboxing: @beauty_lux_e
    • December Unboxing: @fedaro_beauty

    2023 Winners