Chikuhodo T-7 Eyeshadow Brush (Medium) Takumi Series


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Chikuhodo T-7 Eyeshadow Brush (Medium) Takumi Series-Fude Beauty
Chikuhodo T-7 Eyeshadow Brush (Medium) Takumi Series-Fude Beauty

The volume and moderate size of the bristles of this eyeshadow brush makes it ideal for even application and natural gradation across a variety of eye areas.

Takumi Series
The Takumi series are brushes of true craftsmanship. Artisans at Chikuhodo use the highest quality Saikoho goat hair, making it one of the most prestigious makeup brush series. The artisans make full use of the natural character the materials selected - hair is not dyed, but kept natural, to bring out the feeling of the original texture, and keep the pure shiny white color.


Hair: Saikoho goat hair 
Bristle shape: Flat-round
Bristle length: 14mm

Please note, due to the handmade nature of these brushes, dimensions may vary slightly.

Read our Guide to Bristle Shapes 

Chikuhodo T-7 Eyeshadow Brush (Medium) Takumi Series-Fude Beauty
Chikuhodo T-7 Eyeshadow Brush (Medium) Takumi Series-Fude Beauty
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Netherlands Netherlands
Probably my most used eyeshadow brush among all

T7 bristles are densely packed, it gives a good mount of push back. It picks and releases pigment beautifully, makes eyeshadow application effortless. The tapered tip allows you to do more details work, especially around the corner of the eyes. And you can use it to draw a more intense crease line, too. T7 is not for blending for the obvious reason, but if you are careful and light-handed enough, you may get away with blending. T7 is also not made for glitter eyeshadows (but I haven't found any brush that is good for it).

Japan Japan
The most useful eyebrush.

The most accurate and easy-to-hold brush for shadowing the eyes. The white hair is easy to see dirt and is kept clean every day.

United States United States
Nice Shader Brush

This is a nice shader brush. It pick up enough amount to apply in creases and over eyelids. Very soft on skin. Takes several easy sweeps to get it done.

Emmanuella F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Good for packing and detail only

I had a big order from Fude Beauty and this was part of my order. This brush, is not my favourite, perhaps it's the one I reach for the least. Firstly, it's surprisingly small, very small. That does not have to be a problem but unfortunately it does not have any weight to it to balance the smallness and ends up feeling quite cheap and hollow. The brush head itself has short compact undyed goat hair so better for packing on powder showers around the corners of my eyes but not much else.

Lyra L.
United States United States
Blends well

A very soft blending brush. Works well for smaller eyes.