Chikuhodo FO-4 Cheek/ Highight Brush


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The FO Series is the industry's first natural makeup brush made with silver fox bristles. The softness is comparable to gray squirrel, with the strength of goat hair. 

This versatile brush can be used for blush, highlights, and shading.

*Please note, this brush is very delicate natural hair, so please handle it tender love and care.


Hair material: Silver Fox
Shape: Slanted 
Full length 145mm
Hair length 35/20mm 

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    Alexis X.
    United States United States
    Best silver fox brush

    The silver fox is a new hair that I never tried before, I heard that silver fox brush made in China have a strong smell, as a person with sensitive smell I was hesitate to purchase, but it was surprisingly good smell and it is better to contour than the z3 I had.

    Germany Germany
    Fab Brush, My New Favourite Tool

    This brush is just brilliant. For comparison, I have a similarly shaped pure squirrel brush, which I use for heavily pigmented blush as it only deposits a light layer on the skin. However, I would like to use this fox brush for heavier application of products, such as bronzer or lightly pigmented blushes. It works really well as this brush picks up a decent amount of product and blends it seamlessly into the skin. I also use the larger eyeshadow brush from the same line which I also recommend. You definitely can‘t go wrong with this line.

    Jessy S.
    United States United States
    Fave Angled brush

    I’ve been using this Angled brush none stop since I’ve got it. The versatility, the hair (fond of Silver Fox) and price is up there. This set is my introduction to Silver Fox and now I can’t stop collecting more Silver Fox. I just wish they will make more on different shapes so I can complete my collection. Thank you Chikohudo and Fude Beauty!!

    United States United States

    You can't go wrong with anything from this collection. The silver fox bristles are so soft and effective. They aren't going to pick up as much pigment as goat hair but you get close to that with the softness of squirrel fiber. This collection has a beautiful look as well. I bought this along with the FO-3 and I would personally recommend this brush if you are going in between because they are actually very similar in size but this one is unique in that it is slanted. I like to use this for a nice diffused contour but you could easily use it for blush and highlighting as well. So you get something that is very multipurpose.

    Slovakia Slovakia
    Good powder pickup and wonderful blending

    I bought 4 brushes from FO series, because I wanted something soft "like squirel", but did not want to loose the product pickup ability to the extend that squirrel hair does. I have Z-8 cheek brush and I love the softness of it, but I find myself sometimes wondering "where the colour is".. So I tried the fox hair to see whether it is a better match for my needs.. aaaand it is.. :) It is still very soft hair and nice on the skin and it has better ability to pickup the product. If I compare FO-3 and FO-4 (cheek brushes), I would say that the angled FO-4 has stronger pushback and gives you more precision whereas the FO-3 is slightly bigger, definitely feels fluffier/more airy and is less precise with the application. Both are very nice, both give wonderful blended look to the cheeks.. it is really up to one's preferences.. What I want to mention though is that the handles are very light in weight. These brushes are "head heavy". I prefer a bit more weighted handle, since it somehow feels more luxurious to me (again it is up to preference). Anyway I do not think about it really anymore, I just pick up the brush, fluff it on my cheeks and enjoy the look. If you are eyeing FO brushes, I would say give it go. I definitely do not regret buying them.