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Guide to Koyudo Makeup Brushes

Koyudo is one of the largest manufacturers of Kumano-fude, makeup brushes from the prestigious brush-making region of Kumano in Hiroshima, Japan.  The distinguishing feature of Kumano brushes is the gentle tip of...

Koyudo is one of the largest manufacturers of Kumano-fude, makeup brushes from the prestigious brush-making region of Kumano in Hiroshima, Japan. 

The distinguishing feature of Kumano brushes is the gentle tip of the brush, which makes this perfect for precise application of makeup, and for people with sensitive skin. 

Koyudo's brushes are revered for their original, inspired design, often with a playful twist.

In an interview with the Koyudo CEO Takemi Tsuchiya, we found what makes Koyudo one of the top Japanese makeup brush brands.

“Koyudo keeps on changing to stay the same,” says Takemi Tsuchiya.


What this means, is that Koyudo stays true to tradition and core values of providing premium makeup brushes, but continue to innovate. They believe in functionality, but also will cater their makeup brush offerings to reach a broad audience with a wide range of tastes and needs.

For example, the Koyudo's Heart Series of brushes, was designed to be extremely functional with two peaks, but the beauty came when they realized that many makeup users also want their brushes to be cute and appealing. Koyudo brushes are colorful brushes with ingenuitive design to embrace an array of audiences without the loss of the sensitive Kumano makeup brush sensibility and grace.


Makie Series

In this gorgeous series, handles are made with cherry blossom wood and decorated with a sakura design in traditional Makie lacquerware, a technique that conveys an image of luxury and prestige in Japan.


Koyudo Kakishibuzome Series

Koyudo's Kakishibuzome Series are made with high-quality saikoho goat hair bristles. The tips are dyed with persimmon, a traditional dyeing technique in Japan passed down since the Heian period (794 – 1185). Known as 'kakishibu', this method of dyeing imbues the bristles with a dusky hue as well as antibacterial properties. The handles are made from mizume-zakura (cherry blossom wood), revered for its natural elegance and warmth. 


Koyudo Raden Series 

In Japanese, the kanji ra (螺) means shell and den (鈿) means inlaid. Raden is a traditional decorative technique of inlaying thin layers of luminous shells. The intricate cherry blossom design glimmers in the light. Bristles of this series are made with 100% gray squirrel hair, giving them a soft and delicate touch that will bring true pleasure to your everyday makeup routine. Available in 3 and 4-brush sets.


Koyudo Silver Fox Series

Koyudo Premium Series


Koyudo Yoshiki Series

Yoshiki series uses only high-quality saikoho goat hair. A brush with a round shape that allows you to enjoy high-quality goat hair and skin touch 360 degrees.


Koyudo Makiko Series

Koyudo's Makiko Series is a vegan-friendly set of brushes, crafted to resemble the finest saikoho goat bristles. Luxurious soft, and free of animal products.


Koyudo Vivid Series 

Vivid collection brings you the cheerful makeup time. The soft and high-quality hair material is used, so you can enjoy a higher quality makeup for Kumano brush beginners, such as soft touch and natural coloring. As long as you take care of them well, it is a makeup brush that can be used for many years.


Koyudo Fu-pa Series

This is the most popular Koyudo makeup brush series. Soft and densely packed bristles. Previously from goat hair, the brushes are now a mixture of goat hair and high-quality synthetic fibres. A variety of different sizes, dual-sided, angled, and duo fiber. The brushes are short and thick only about 10 centimeters long. Handles made from Hinoki Cypress. Recommended for those who would like to amass a very tailored army of short, powerful high-quality Japanese makeup brushes. Also for those who are only interested in purchasing powder, blush, foundation, liquid, concealer/shading brushes.


Koyudo Somell Garden 

A perfect example of the ingenuity of the Koyudo brand. Designed by a talented female artist in Hiroshima, the natural walnut wood handle combines with the tightly packed bristles to embrace the skin. Inspired by wild fruit trees, the bristles are lightly dyed to pretend as if you are applying the juice of the fruit to your face (pink for peach, blue for blueberry, etc.) 

Koyudo Heart Brushes

Almost certainly one of Koyudo’s signature brush series! When designing the brushes, Koyudo creatively wondered what would happen if there were two peaks on the bristle of the brush. When implementing the idea, the two peaks created a beautiful heart shape. Koyudo decided to make it a cute durable, stiff peak with goat hair and colorful handles. Depending on the brush, it can be included as an accessory or a precious addition to your Japanese makeup brush collection.


Koyudo Mizume Zakura Rin Set

This 3 piece exquisite makeup brush set gives you a luxury feeling, flawless finish on makeup. All the handles of brushes use high-grade Japanese Cherry Birch (Mizume-Zakura) wood, which is known for being used for the Japanese local craft Miyajima Shamoji (Miyajima rice scoop). Each pattern is unique and does not exist elsewhere in the world. It is the kind of professional makeup brush which can only be found and made in Japan. Comes with a box made from recycled paper from paper cranes which we donated from all over Japan to be placed in Hiroshima Memorial Park.

Koyudo PR (Purin) Series

Fun to hold, but one of the best makeup brushes for those who favor liquid. Made from a mix of goat hair and polyester. Durable with liquid cosmetics. Even, streak-free and achieves a flawless look with every use. Small shader brush allows for blending, applying crease and lid color, and even concealer


Koyudo BP Series

Comprehensive, high quality, handmade. An incredible amount of variety between the different angles of the bristles. Notable for the airy touch and easy handling. BP013 Foundation Brush and BP014 are favorites of several beauty bloggers.


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